Where to Buy Amaircare Airwash Whisper 675 and 350 Filters

At US Air Purifiers, we pride ourselves on listening to customer feedback and trying to help as best we can. Recently, several of our newer customers have informed us that they have had difficulty in tracking down filters for their Amaircare Airwash Whisper 675 and 350 models. Luckily, as a proud retailer of Amaircare products, US Air Purifiers carries both the Airwash Whisper series of air purifiers and the filters that go with them.


 Find the Filters for Your Amaircare Airwash


For those of you who already have an Amaircare Airwash 675 or 350 model and need new filters, simply follow the links below.

Amaircare 16 in HEPA (fits both 675 and 350)

 Amaircare 16 in VOC Plus filter (fits both 675 and 350)


A large part of the reason that customers often have difficulty in finding the proper filters for their Airwash units is that these filters are also used in other large air scrubbers. If you are unsure of your model or have a different model of Amaircare air scrubber, please feel free to contact us (see link at bottom of article) for assistance in finding the right filter for your model.


  A Bit About the Amaircare Airwash Whisper Series


The Airwash Whisper series is one of Amaircare’s leading air scrubber lines. Each unit, the 675 and 350, is offered in a HEPA and VOC submodel, allowing customers to decide whether they want to focus primarily on particulate matter or on harmful gases in the air. The 675 models will cover up to 5062 square feet, while the 350 units cover up to 2625 square feet, a capacity that is ideal for smaller commercial facilities and homes. These air purification systems can be installed directly into existing HVAC systems, allowing them to deliver clean air throughout a home or building.


Need held finding the right filter for your unit or have questions about selecting an air purification system for your home? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Simply contact us for help with all of your air purification needs.