Air Purifiers for Hurricane Recovery: What We Recommend

Hurricane season 2017 has been one of the worst of the past 20 years. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have done immense damage and left many people struggling to rebuild and repair. Though the wind damage is perhaps the most obvious effect of a hurricane, water damage is just as costly and can be longer lasting. Here of our top suggestions for using air purifiers for hurricane recovery purposes.


  Why Should You Use an Air Purifier?


With all of the difficulties that come with hurricane recovery, many people may be wondering why they should buy an air purifier during this time. This question has several different answers, but the primary reason is that hurricanes and the water they introduce into homes and building promote mold growth. Though any water damage can cause mold, the warm climates in which hurricanes occur can speed up growth and turn mold into a serious problem.


Another reason people should be using air purifiers for hurricane recovery is that many contaminants can be introduced to the air during a hurricane. Things like pollen, sawdust, and a range of different particulates are kicked up by high winds and can cause problems for days or even weeks afterward. In order to protect your health in the aftermath, an air purifier is a great solution.


  Best Air Purifiers for Hurricane Recovery


Given these needs, what are the best air purifiers to use while you’re recovering from a hurricane? Though the answer will depend a bit on your exact situation, we’ve put together a list of some of our top recommendations.


  •   Field Controls TRIO: One of our most popular models, the Field Controls TRIO offers HEPA, carbon and UV filtration, making it highly effective for eliminating mold, particles and odors.
  •   Airpura UV600: Another of the best air purifiers for hurricane recovery purposes is the Airpura UV600, which offers excellent mold protection.
  •   EnviroKlenz UV: Offering both UV protection from mold and high-quality VOC filtration, the EnviroKlenz UV is one of the best units for keeping yourself and your family safe while you recover from a hurricane.
  •   Amaircare 3000 VOC: A variant of the extremely popular Amaircare 3000 unit, the 3000 VOC offers powerful protection from gases and odors, but still incorporates HEPA filtration for protection from airborne particles.


If you have any questions about using air purifiers for hurricane recovery purposes, feel free to contact us for answers, expert advice and product recommendations.