Portable Commercial Air Purifiers: Our Top Mobile Units for Industrial Use

Many businesses, from hair salons to industrial factories, need air purification systems to keep their work environments safe and free of harmful contaminants. While this calls for commercial-grade air purification, it’s also still important for many business users that their air purifiers still be relatively easy to move from place to place as needed. Luckily, there are many options available for businesses that need portable commercial air purifiers. Here are a few of the top mobile air purifiers for business, commercial and industrial usage.


  What Qualifies as a Portable Commercial Air Purifier?


Before listing off some of our top picks in this category, it’s important to clarify what is meant by a portable commercial air purifier. Though most air purification systems for larger facilities are fairly large and heavy, many are made with either casters or wheeled carts underneath them. These are the units that are said to be portable, since they can be moved around within a business facility fairly easily. Other types of commercial air purifiers include units that occupy fixed places somewhere on the floor of a facility and those that are integrated directly into the building’s ventilation system.


  Electrocorp RAP and RSU Series


Electrocorp makes several different models of commercial air purifiers equipped with rolling casters for easy mobility. These units, spread across the company’s RSU and RAP range, offer several excellent features, including 10 micron prefilters and up to 120 pounds of activated carbon for odor, gas and VOC filtration in industrial environments.


  Amaircare 6000V Vocarb Airwash


The Amaircare 6000V Vocarb Airwash is a portable commercial air purifier offers high-level carbon filtration to target gases and VOCs, making it ideal for use in welding and print shops and other industrial facilities. The unit is fitted onto a tube steel cart that makes it very easy to move. In total, the Amaircare 6000V Vocarb can cover up to 36,000 square feet, giving it enough capacity for most small to medium-sized business operations.


  Amaircare 4000


Businesses with larger budgets aren’t the only ones with the need for air purification systems. That’s why the Amaircare 4000, which costs just $999, is a great option for smaller enterprises that need a portable commercial air purifier. Capable of covering up to 18,000 square feet, the Amaircare 4000 is great for smaller shops and businesses. The unit also comes in either a combination carbon/HEPA format for targeting both VOCs and particulates or an all-carbon format to focus on heavy VOCs.


These are just a few of the excellent commercial air purifiers you can find here at US Air Purifiers. If your business needs a portable commercial air purifier, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we’ll be happy to help you pick out the perfect unit for your needs.