New Airpura G600 and G600DLX

Airpura is one of our favorite brands of high-quality air purifiers, which is why we’re happy to announce that we’ve added the Airpura G600 and Airpura G600DLX to our selection. These units are particularly good for people with chemical sensitivities and severe asthma. Here’s what you need to know about these two great units.


  Airpura G600


The Airpura G600 is a 2,000 square foot air purifier that performs two air changes each hour. The filtration system is built on the Airpura R600 platform, but includes a cotton prefilter and a German carbon bed for even greater purification. The G600 also features a true HEPA filter to remove harmful and irritating particles from the air. This system produces no odors whatsoever, making it excellent for clients who are extremely sensitive. At $799.98, the Airpura G600 is also a great value for its overall quality level.


  Airpura G600DLX


If you suffer from the most severe types of chemical sensitivity or asthma, the Airpura G600DLX is an air purifier that is specifically designed for your needs. This unit shares most of the characteristics of the G600, but has a 26-pound carbon bed, as opposed to the 18 pounds of the G600. This extra carbon filtration captures even more gases, chemicals and VOCs. For people who deal with extreme sensitivities, the G600DLX is an ideal solution. Best of all, this upgraded carbon bed doesn’t cost clients who buy the G600DLX an arm and a leg. This unit is available for $849.98, just $50 more than the standard G600.


Both the Airpura G600 and G600DLX are great options for people who need high levels of air purification to deal with respiratory conditions. Have questions about these or any of our other great air purifiers? We’re here to help. Please feel free to contact us with your questions, and we’ll be happy to help you pick out an air purifier that will best suit your personal needs.