Indoor Air Quality Monitor Discoveries: Particulate Matter

Using an indoor air quality meter is one of the best ways to find problems with your home air quality. The question, of course, is what you do once you’ve identified issues with your home air. To answer this question, we’ve decided to create a new series of articless here at US Air Purifiers.


In this new series, we’ll be discussing what steps you can take when you discover specific air quality problems by using an indoor air quality monitor. For the first article, we decided to focus on particulate matter, as it is one of the most dangerous and harmful forms on air contamination.


Where Could Particulate Matter Be Coming From?


Particulate matter can have many sources, but one of the most common is traffic pollution. Particulate matter can also come from industrial facilities or power plants near your home. This type of contamination is usually worst in large, densely populated cities, but it can affect people anywhere. More mundane sources include burnt particles from cooking and wood or tobacco smoke.


Air Purifiers for Particulate Matter


If you find out that your home air has high levels of particulate matter, the best solution is to use a HEPA air purifier. HEPA filters capture solid particles in their matrix material. While some types of particulate matter are too small even for a HEPA filter to target at maximum efficiency, most will become trapped in the filter material. Some of the best HEPA air purifiers you can find for keeping your home air clean include:



You can also consider using an Airfree filterless air purifier. Airfree’s technology uses concentrated heat to neutralize solid particles in the air. This is a decent solution for small spaces, though you would need several of these air purifiers to provide coverage for a full-sized house.


Other Steps to Reduce Particulate Matter in Your Home Air


In addition to using an air purifier, you can also take a other simple steps to help reduce the amount of particulate matter in your home air. If you live near a busy road or highway, one of the best things you can do is to keep your windows closed during high-traffic hours. As noted above, vehicle exhaust is one of the main sources for particulate matter. Reducing the amount of exhaust that makes it into your home during the busiest time on the highway is a simple way to bring down the overall amount of particulate matter.