Could Your Dog Be Suffering From Allergies Just Like You?

One of the most common uses for air purifiers is to remove allergens from the air and keep allergic reactions under control. While you’re probably aware of your own allergies and the causes for them, you may never have considered that your dog could also be suffering from allergic reactions. Here’s what you need to know about the signs of allergies in dogs and how an air purifier can help both you and your four legged best friend breathe easier.


  How Can You Tell if a Dog Is Having Allergic Reactions?


There are many signs of allergies in dogs, but not all of them are necessarily easy to diagnose. One of the most obvious symptoms of skin allergies in canines is the presentation of “hot spots,” areas of skin that your dog licks and scratches until they become inflamed and warm to the touch. Other fairly obvious indications that your dog could be having allergy problems include sneezing and coughing. Some signs, though, are less obvious and fit into what most people would describe as normal dog behavior. Scratching, licking of the paws and head shaking fall into this category. While all dogs exhibit these behaviors from time to time, they can be pretty good signs of allergies if they start to become excessive or extremely frequent.


  What Can Dogs Be Allergic To?


Interestingly, the allergens that affect dogs are roughly similar to the ones that affect humans. Pollen, dust and mold can all cause respiratory reactions. Some dogs also suffer from skin allergies that react to certain soaps and cleaning products. Dogs can also have allergic reactions to flea bites, which is another reason to be very vigilant for signs that your dog has picked up a flea infestation.


  How an Air Purifier Can Help


Just as in the case of humans, you can use an air purifier to eliminate allergens that affect your dog from your home air. By removing dust and pollen, you can help both your dog and yourself breathe easier and avoid allergies. Keep in mind that an air purifier can help allergies caused by airborne contaminants, but won’t be effective against skin reactions to cleaners, shampoos or flea bites. The units we recommend for this use include:



Have questions about using an air purifier to keep airborne allergens out of your home? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and supply you with personalized product recommendations tailored to your needs.