Can Air Purifiers Prevent Colds?

People use air purifiers for many different reasons. Some users suffer from severe asthma or allergies, while others need them to protect themselves from cigarette smoke in their homes. For many users, though, air purifiers serve the more general purpose of keeping home air cleaner and healthier. These users often wonder whether or not their air purifiers can protect them from common illnesses, such as colds and the flu. That’s why we decided to answer one of the most common questions people have when they start looking at air cleaning systems: can air purifiers prevent colds?


  Understanding the Cold


Unlike many infectious diseases that are caused by bacteria, the common cold is caused by viruses. A virus differs from a bacteria in several ways, but the most important difference is size. The smallest viruses can be up to 20 times smaller than even the smallest bacteria, making them much more difficult to capture while airborne. For an air purifier to prevent colds, then, it needs more than just a regular filter.


  How Can Air Purifiers Prevent Colds?


Though it requires more specialized equipment, there are several air purifiers that can kill off viruses and lower your risk of getting a cold during cold season. These units use UV light to kill off cold viruses, rather than capturing them with a filter. Since viruses are so small, this is by far the best way for an air purifier to attack the common cold virus. Here are some of our top units with UV functionality:



These air purifiers can all kill off not just the common cold, but also most other viruses. Though this doesn’t guarantee you won’t get a cold this winter, it will significantly reduce your overall chances. In addition, all of these units provide clean, healthy air for your entire home, with their virus-killing capabilities being just an added bonus.


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