Five Ways to Prevent Allergies

Spring allergies can make the onset of warm weather unpleasant at best and unbearable at worst. Each year, many of us must choose between dealing with allergy symptoms or feeling groggy for days on end because of over-the-counter allergy medicines. There are, however, a few neat tricks you can use to prevent allergies. If you want to treat your allergies naturally, here are five hacks you need to know.


  Get Plenty of Vitamin C


Though most people don’t realize it, everyday vitamin C is a natural antihistamine. By making sure you’re getting plenty of it, you can lessen the severity of your allergy symptoms and make them less frequent. If necessary, take a daily vitamin supplement to ensure you are getting all the vitamin C you need until allergy season is over.


  Keep an Eye on Pollen Levels


If you want to keep yourself from having an allergic reaction, it’s important to expose yourself to pollen as little as possible. Most local weather stations will publish pollen level indexes during the height of allergy season, so be sure to keep an eye on those. If the allergy index on a given day is very high, consider limiting the amount of time you spend outside as much as possible.


  Don’t Open Your Windows


To prevent allergies from becoming a constant problem, you need to make sure that pollen isn’t building up inside your home. During the spring months, it can be tempting to throw your windows open to get some fresh air, but doing so will let pollen work its way into your home. Keep your windows closed as much as possible. If you really do need to open them, do it at night, when pollen levels are typically at their lowest.


  Use an Air Purifier to Prevent Allergies


If you have severe allergies or just want to make sure you’re protected against your allergies in the best possible way, consider getting a residential air purifier. A model with HEPA filtration will easily remove pollen from the air in your house. Some of our top recommended models include:



If you want to prevent allergies and make your home healthier at the same time, an air purifier is definitely the way to go.


  Hire a Lawn Care Service


One of the times during which you are most exposed to pollen is when you are mowing or caring for your lawn. Not only are you outside, usually in the middle of the day, but you are also kicking up pollen that has already settled on your grass. If you suffer from allergies and have the means to do it, consider hiring a lawn care company to take care of your yard for you. Though it will cost a bit, you’ll find you are much less likely to have severe allergic reactions if you don’t have to care for your own lawn during allergy seasons.


These are just a few of the ways you can naturally prevent allergies. If you need more information about using an air purifier to improve your health, feel free to contact US Air Purifiers, and we’ll guide help you pick out the best model for your home.