Why the Airpura I600 Is One of the Best Air Purifiers for Asthma and Allergies

Although there are many great air purifiers for asthma and allergies, there are some that stand out above the rest. One of these is the Airpura I600, a top-of-the-line HEPA unit that is perfect for users who suffer from severe asthma or allergies brought on by particulate matter in the air. Here’s what you should know about this hidden gem from Airpura and how it can help keep the air in your home safer and cleaner than standard HEPA units.


  What Sets the Airpura I600 Apart from the Competition?


The driving force behind the Airpura I600’s ability to remove particulate matter is its extra-large HEPA filter. This filter contains 100 square feet of filter material, compared with 40 square feet on most standard HEPA purifiers. Although 40 square feet is sufficient for most everyday uses, the extra filter material makes the I600 ideal for protecting users from particulates that might trigger severe allergies or asthma attacks. This same fact is also what makes the Airpura I600 an excellent option for healthcare and medical applications.


  Increased Protection With Optional Add-ons


While the I600’s HEPA filter is impressive on its own, the unit can be improved even further by the addition of two optional features. The first is a HI-C carbon weave that helps filter odors and airborne chemicals, while the second is a UV germicidal lamp that protects against mold spores, viruses and bacteria. Combined with the unit’s already powerful protection from particulate matter, these two add-ons turn the Airpura I600 into a great air purifier for broad-spectrum protection from a wide range of potential asthma triggers.


If you suffer from severe asthma or allergies, the Airpura I600 is a great option for keeping your home air healthy and clean. If you have questions about the I600 or any of the other air units we sell here at US Air Purifiers, please feel free to contact us for answers and personalized product recommendations.