Watch Out For BetterAir Imposters

As many of our long-time readers will know, we’re a proud retailer of BetterAir probiotic air purification products. Recently, it came to our attention that a large number of products claiming to have similar probiotic air cleaning capabilities are being marketed online. Here’s what you need to know about these imposters, what makes BetterAir different and how you can make sure you’re always getting only the best probiotic air cleaning products.


Why Are These Imposters Potentially Dangerous?


To say the least, products being marketed as probiotic air cleaners outside of the BetterAir brand are unproven and untested. Without adequate safety testing to back them up, these products may be ineffective or even dangerous. In at least one instance that was brought to our attention, a probiotic blend that is certified only as a degreaser was being marketed as an air cleaning product, underlining just how off-base some of the claims made by imposter products can be.


Part of the problem is that probiotics look essentially like any other clear liquid. Unless you’re buying a tested product from an authorized BetterAir retailer, it’s extremely difficult to know exactly what you’ll actually get.


The BetterAir Difference


What makes BetterAir fundamentally different is the fact that it is the first and so far only rigorously tested probiotic air purifier on the market. In addition to independent testing, BetterAir’s line of air purifiers has undergone and passed EPA safety testing in accordance with the brand’s bacteriostat and fungistat registration. While other probiotic products make a wide range of claims regarding their effectiveness and safety, only BetterAir has proven its claims through unbiased testing. At the end of the day, BetterAir has no direct competitors in the probiotic air purification space. For more on BetterAir’s position on alleged “competitor” products, we recommend checking out this resource from the company itself.


How to Protect Yourself From Imposter Products


Luckily, staying away from imposter probiotic air cleaners is relatively simple. As long as you’re sure to purchase BetterAir brand purifiers and probiotics from an authorized BetterAir dealer,  you’ll be getting the right products. If you don’t see the product clearly identified under the BetterAir brand name, it’s best to steer clear.


Have questions about BetterAir probiotic air purifiers, how they work and why we’re so enthusiastic about them? Feel free to check out of blog feature on BetterAir or contact us for answers and product recommendations based on your unique personal needs!