Six Healthy Gift Ideas for Christmas 2018

The gift giving season is finally here, meaning it’s time to start thinking of good present ideas for your friends and family. In recent years, health-conscious gifts have become increasingly popular, leaving many people looking for healthy gift ideas for their loved ones. To help, we’ve put together a list of six gifts that are sure to please any health nut. Here are our top six healthy gift ideas for the 2018 Christmas season.


  A Subscription to a Local CSA Service


One of the most popular trends in the organic food world at the moment is the CSA model, short for community supported agriculture. CSAs offer subscription-like shares of a local organic farm, in which consumers are given fresh, healthy produce on a recurring basis in exchange for a certain amount of money paid either up front or in regular installments. A CSA subscription is a gift that keeps giving for the health-conscious person in your life, as he or she will receive healthy vegetables over and over again from it. Buying into a CSA is also a great way to support small agriculture in your local area.


  A Few Sessions With a Personal Trainer


If you have a friend of family member who has been trying to improve his or her fitness, a few sessions with a personal trainer can be an ideal gift. Even without paying for long-term personal training sessions, your gift can give your loved one access to personalized advice and fitness tips that he or she may not have received otherwise. Be sure to ask people you know and trust for trainer recommendations, as you want to be sure you are buying sessions with a knowledgeable professional.


  A Home Air Purifier


One of the best healthy gift ideas is a home air purifier that will give your loved one the gift of clean air each and every day. Residential air purifiers can remove dirt, dust, pollen, mold spores and gaseous contaminants from home air, helping your friend or family member live a healthier life as a result. Some types of air purifiers can even eliminate viruses and bacteria, thereby reducing the chance of illness. If you’re interested in buying a home air purifier for a friend or family member, you can check out our complete selection of residential air purifiers or contact us directly for personalized product recommendations based on the recipient’s needs. If you’d prefer to let the person receiving your gift pick one out, we also offer gift certificates.


  Nutritional Supplements


Nutritional supplements can make great healthy gift ideas, though you’ll need to do a bit of research to find the right supplements for the person you’re buying for. If you’re looking for high-quality, all-natural vitamins and supplements, a Shaklee membership can make an excellent gift.


  Athletic Gear


For exercise enthusiasts, new workout gear is always a welcome gift. Healthy gift ideas in this category can include apparel, such as gym clothes or running shoes, as well as actual exercise equipment. Be sure that you find out what kind of exercise the person you’re buying for prefers, as that will help you choose a better gift.


  A Personal Juicer


Many people who pursue better health through improved diet, exercise and lifestyle eventually find themselves wanting to juice fruits and vegetables for healthy, nutritious drinks. There are many personal juicers on the market for this exact purpose, any one of which can make a good gift for someone who is trying to live a healthier life. This healthy gift idea also makes a good complement to a CSA subscription, as the person you’re buying for will have access to a routine supply of healthy organic vegetables for juicing.


These are just a few of the many healthy gift ideas you can use for your own gift-giving this holiday season. If you have someone on your list who is looking to live a better and healthier life, consider one or more of these gifts as a way to help and support that person.