Should I Leave My Air Purifier on When I’m Not Home?

Once you buy an air purifier, you’ll find yourself asking all sorts of questions about optimal maintenance and use. One of the most common questions we get is whether you should leave your air purifier on while you aren’t at home. Here’s what you need to know about leaving your air purifier on while you’re out of the house and why we recommend running it 24/7 instead.


The Pros


Leaving your unit on will help to ensure that particulates and gases are being removed from your home air, even if you aren’t there. It will also make sure that your home air is as clean as possible when you return from work, preventing you from having to wait while your air purifier cycles the air through.


  The Cons


The only downside of leaving your air purifier on while you’re away from home is that it can use up a bit of extra electricity. However, as we addressed in our article on air purifier energy costs, the actual expense of running an air purifier isn’t that high. So, while you could save a bit of money by turning your unit off when you’re leaving for work in the morning, it certainly won’t be much.


  Our Verdict


Ultimately, we think it’s better to leave your air purifier running at all times to maintain the highest possible home air quality. While you’ll spend a little extra money on electricity, the results are definitely worth the investment. Leaving your purifier on at all times also saves you the trouble of having to remember to turn it back on every time you come home.


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