Pre Black Friday Savings from US Air Purifiers

Black Friday

With Thanksgiving now just one week away, the holiday shopping season is almost here as well. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the best days to find deals on the gifts you plan to give your friends and family, and US Air Purifiers is offering a special savings event that touches on both!


Starting on Wednesday, November 25th, customers can get in on our pre-Black Friday event by receiving a $50 coupon code with any qualifying purchase. The coupon code will deduct $50 from any future purchase made through Any home or commercial air purifier will qualify for this special coupon code, as will the Foobot home air quality monitoring system. The best part? This sale doesn’t end at Black Friday, or even at Cyber Monday. In fact, it runs through the entire Thanksgiving weekend, from Wednesday the 25th until Tuesday the 1st. So, if you miss the savings on Black Friday or even on Cyber Monday, don’t fret, there’s still time to get your $50 coupon for a future purchase.


What can you do with that $50? Well, quite a lot. $50 will go a long way toward the purchase of the first set of replacement filters for a new air purifier, in some cases making them free to you. If you receive your $50 coupon code on the purchase of a Foobot system, it can help with the purchase of an appropriate air purifier once you have used the system to get an idea of the quality of the air in your home. Whatever you decide to put it towards, you can be sure that your $50 coupon will help you to improve the air around you and your health.


When a qualifying purchase is made, customers will receive their coupon code, which can be used at any point for any future purchase. To use the code, just type it into the comments field during checkout, and we’ll take the $50 off of your purchase. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!