New Study Links Air Pollution and Dementia

New research over the past few years has linked air pollution to an ever-growing list of medical disorders. Now, thanks to a study published by a team from St. George’s University in London, the list of conditions linked with low air quality has been expanded to include dementia. Here’s what you need to know about the link between air pollution and dementia.


  How Closely Are Air Pollution and Dementia Linked?


The study was conducted in areas throughout London in an effort to measure how much of an effect higher levels of air pollution would have on rates of dementia diagnosis. For those living in high-pollution areas, the results were startling. Residents who lived in areas that ranked in the top 20 percent in terms of air pollution were 40 percent more likely to be diagnosed with dementia than those who lived in neighborhoods ranked in the bottom 20 percent. This finding shows that air pollution and dementia share a strong correlation.


  How Does Air Pollution Contribute to Dementia?


At the moment, scientists don’t fully understand the link between air pollution and dementia. Research in rodents suggests that pollution increases production of a peptide in the brain that can cause neurodegeneration. The exact mechanism that causes this, however, hasn’t yet been explained.


  Protecting Yourself From Air Pollution


If you live in a heavily polluted area, the link with dementia is just one among many reasons to take steps to protect yourself from air pollution. You can limit your exposure to air pollution by using a home air purifier. The best air purifiers for air pollution use a combination of HEPA and carbon filters, as this combination can remove both gases and particles from the air. Although the problem of air pollution is a large and complex one that likely won’t be solved anytime soon, using an air purifier can at least help to protect you in your home.


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