How Do I Know if an Air Purifier Is Working?

With most home appliances, it’s easy to tell if they’re working or not. Air purifiers, however, are a little different. Because the contaminants they remove aren’t visible to the naked eye, it isn’t always easy to know how well your air purifier is functioning. Here are two ways you can know if an air purifier is working.


Check for Air Flow


The simplest way to see if your air purifier is working properly is to check the fan. Put a hand near the air purifier’s intake or outlet. If you can feel a strong, steady flow of air, your unit is functioning normally. If not, you may have a clogged filter that’s making it difficult for air to pass through. Be aware, though, that some air purifiers have different fan speed settings. A unit that’s on a low setting may not move much air. Try cycling the air purifier through its fan speeds to make sure that air is moving through it freely.


Use an Indoor Air Quality Meter


Although the method described above is simple, it’s far from perfect. To really make sure that your air purifier is functioning properly, consider using an indoor air quality meter. These devices measure contaminants in your indoor air and report on overall air quality. If you air purifier isn’t working properly, your meter should show considerable changes in your indoor air quality.


Air quality meters are also useful for determining what kind of air quality issues you may have. Homes can be full of hidden pollution sources, as well as allergens. Using a quality meter, you can get a better idea of what is affecting your home air.


What to Do If Your Air Purifier Isn’t Working Properly


More often than not, air purifiers that aren’t working properly need their filters changed. A clogged filter can impede air flow and make an air purifier far less effective than it normally would be. For purifiers that have several filter stages, it’s important to keep up with routine changes for each stage. Different filter types require changing at different intervals, so be sure to consult your owners manual for a filter change schedule. You can also use our filter change reminder tool to automatically track your filter schedule.


In the event your air purifier really isn’t working, consult your manufacturer’s warranty to find out about repair or replacement. Most manufacturers offer limited warranties on their air purifiers. If something goes wrong with your unit during the warranty period, there’s a good chance the maker will be able to help you fix the problem.


Being able to tell if your air purifier is working is very important for making sure your home air quality remains high. Using these simple tips, you can ensure your air purifier remains in good working order.


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