Grow Room Odor Control: Best Air Purifiers for Dispensary Grow Rooms

Grow Room Odor Control

Modern marijuana dispensaries such as this require high-quality air purification systems.

In the last few years, more and more marijuana dispensaries have been cropping up all around the country. As new dispensaries begin and established ones expand, however, they all face the problem of grow room odor control and air purification. Controlling odors and contaminants in grow rooms is essential to running a medical marijuana dispensary. Luckily, there are many air purifiers on the market that are well-equipped for this type of work.


  Why Do Dispensaries Need a Grow Room Air Purifier?


There are two primary reasons that dispensaries need air purification systems. The first is simple grow room odor control, as the odor of a large number of cannabis plants together can become overpowering for those working in a dispensary environment when left unchecked. The second, and even more important reason, is that grow rooms not equipped with air purifiers are likely to develop mold or mildew problems, which can spoil entire crops. Given these applications, an air purifier for a grow room must be able to remove both odors and the tiny spores that spawn mold and mildew on the plants.


  What Are the Best Grow Room Air Purifiers?


Fortunately for dispensaries, there are many commercial air purifiers that can capture spores and provide excellent grow room odor control. Here are some of the leading industry picks for commercial dispensaries from US Air Purifiers:


AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 Vocarb

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For small to medium-sized facilities that are looking for a good value on an air purification system, AllerAir’s AirMedic Pro 6 Vocarb unit is an excellent option. This unit will effectively clean up to 1,800 square feet and is equipped with both HEPA and activated carbon filtration systems. This unit also offers easy mobility, making it a convenient option for facilities that frequently need to adjust their configurations.


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Electrocorp RAP 48 CC

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A favored choice for larger facilities, Electrocorp’s RAP 48 CC is an excellent unit for handling both grow room odor control and mildew mitigation. This heavy-duty unit combines deep carbon filtration for odors with a micro-HEPA filter wrap that helps to eliminate particulate matter.


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Amaircare 4000

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   One of the most popular units for marijuana dispensaries of all sizes is the Amaircare 4000, an economical and highly functional unit that can cover large areas and remove almost any type of contaminant. Providing coverage for up to 18,000 square feet and offering both HEPA and carbon filters, the Amaircare 4000 is among the best options for the modern dispensary.


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  Of course, these are only three of the many options US Air Purifiers offers for marijuana dispensaries. Check out our full lineup of systems for dispensaries to find a unit that will meet the exact needs of your business. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Feel free to contact us directly, and we’ll guide you through every step of the process of picking up the best system for grow room odor control and mildew protection in your facility.