Air Purifiers for Fragrance Sensitivity: What Unit Do You Need?

Though most people can relate to the experience of odors being unpleasant or overwhelming, few people have to live with physical symptoms on account of them. For a small group, though, odors can cause symptoms akin to allergic reactions. This is a condition known as fragrance sensitivity, and it can make daily life very difficult for those who suffer from it. Here’s what you should know about this condition and some of our top air purifiers for fragrance sensitivity.


  What is Fragrance Sensitivity?


In essence, fragrance sensitivity is a strong reaction to the chemical compounds that produce odors. This reaction can occur either in the respiratory system or on the skin, depending on where an aromatic substance is sprayed. Some of the common products that can trigger fragrance sensitivity reactions include body sprays and cologne, air fresheners and certain scented cleaning products. Though the symptoms of allergy sensitivities aren’t technically allergic in nature, they can closely resemble allergic reactions. People with fragrance sensitivities often exhibit coughing or sneezing, runny noses and even skin rashes when exposed.


  How an Air Purifier Can Help


With the right kind of air purifier, the chemical compounds that trigger fragrance sensitivities can be removed from the air. To do this, you’ll need an air purifier with a carbon filter, as HEPA filters can’t remove airborne chemical compounds. Carbon filters are frequently used in air purifiers to eliminate VOCs, and are just as effective in removing odors from the air.


  Top Air Purifiers for Fragrance Sensitivity


When looking at air purifiers for fragrance sensitivity, it’s important to find units that offer deep carbon filtration to focus on heavy VOCs and odors. Some of the units that we most recommend for this purpose include:



Each of these air purifiers is equipped to handle odors through a deep-cleaning carbon filter system, making them great air purifiers for fragrance sensitivity. If you have any questions about these or other units we offer that can help you control your fragrance sensitivity symptoms, please feel free to contact us for answers and personalized recommendations.