3 Hidden Air Quality Dangers in Your Home

While there are some common chemicals that everyone knows are bad for human health, it is often surprising just how many harmful substances can be found in the average home. If you go looking, you’ll be amazed to discover what you might be exposed to on a daily basis. Here are three of the most common air quality dangers that are present in almost every modern household.




Used to treat construction and insulation materials, formaldehyde is also a dangerous chemical gas that can cause upper respiratory irritation and exacerbate chronic respiratory conditions. Even though formaldehyde is usually only present in low levels in most homes, it may be enough to affect those with severe sensitivities to chemicals and gases.




Even if your home is pristine and clean, you may still have hidden patches of mold lurking in places you’d never imagine. Mold can grow in any damp, dark environment, making it difficult to avoid. Meanwhile, mold releases spores that can trigger allergic reactions, and some types even produce harmful gases and odors.



  Dry Air


Even if there aren’t any contaminants in your air, you could still be suffering from the effects of low humidity. Dry air can cause irritation of the mouth, throat and respiratory system, as well as headaches and dry skin. Even the cleanest air can be too dry and cause problems for people breathing it.


  How to Check Your Indoor Air Quality


If you aren’t sure what the status of your indoor air quality is, consider using a Foobot air quality meter. This meter measures particles, VOCs, temperature, humidity and other air quality characteristics to paint a complete picture of how healthy the air in your home is.


Have questions about air quality or how to use a person indoor air quality meter to improve the air you’re breathing? We’re here to help! Simply contact us with your questions for answers and personalized product recommendations based on your specific needs.