Aura Air

Aura Air Purifier Enterprise Dashboard Software

Model: ent-sftw
SKU: aur-pt-us1591
Ozone Free: Certified UL 867 / UL 2998
Zoom In Ozone Free
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Enterprise Dashboard Software for Aura Air Purifier is ideal whether you are managing the air quality in an entire school or business or just want more information for your own home. Perfect way to monitor the air purifiers, contaminants, and the indoor / outdoor air quality. Very user friendly.

Recommended 1 software package per unit that you want to monitor.

Optimal monitoring and control of tVOCs, Particles PM2.5 and PM 10, CO, CO2, Temp, Humidity.

Highly Recommended for commercial use and residential use where client has 5 or more units.

For use with the Aura Air Purifier, the smart air purifier, only.