Amaircare 16 in ET Annual Standard Filter Kit for Larger Purifiers and Air Scrubbers

Model: 93-A-16ST00-ET
SKU: amr-rf-us1253
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We now have ET annual standard filter kits in our inventory and will ship within 48 hours.

Amaircare 16 in Easy Twist standard annual filter kit for Models: AWW350, AWW675, 7500, 10,000, 6000V Cart, 7500 Cart, IS5000, IS5000 Cart, 4000HV, 4000 VOC Chem Item. Filter Replacements coordinating with 16″ Easy Twist HEPA.

Includes: 1- Stage One Filter: 1/8” Foam Prefilter and 2 - Stage Three Filter:  ½” non-woven polyester filter media imbued 200% with Activated Carbon (164 g = 180,400 m2 adsorption surface area), and 1 x replacement Oring/gasket

Replace yearly.

Item Number:   93-A-16ST-ET (Formerly 94014061)