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US Air Purifiers LLC takes pride in not just saying but also in proving that we treat you the way we want treated. We do our best to keep prices down so everyone can afford a quality air purifier to improve their health. If we believe the filters still have good life left in them, we will try to preserve them so no additional cost is needed by our customers.

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The items found at the Savings Center will have additional savings for a number of reasons such as but not limited to the following:

It will be clearly marked why a product is featured in the Savings Center.

*If these units are opened, out of the box, and/or used as a demo, the warranties are no longer valid and the items do not qualify for our return policy. They are non-returnable.

If you currently don't see any products shown below, feel free to check back frequently because these items may change often or contact us via email or phone to see if we are anticipating any new items.

Thank you, Barb & Dick Lulay