Tips for managing your allergy symptoms at work

Here are a few ways you can keep your allergies under control at work.

When it comes to managing your allergies, you have to be careful in all areas of your life. This is especially important as we head deeper into the summer months, as many people across the country continue to be plagued by seasonal allergies. Although you might think you are protected from your allergy symptoms while in the confines of your office – away from the pollen that is blanketing the outdoors – the truth is that the runny nose and scratchy throat can creep up on your anywhere. You need to be prepared in order to keep yourself protected and healthy.

Here are a few tips for managing your allergy symptoms at work:

  • Identify possible triggers: Like any other time in your life, it is important that you know what in your office could trigger an attack. You should be aware of the certain dangers that your office poses, whether it is pollen coming in through the windows or a coworker bringing in a food for lunch that you are allergic too. Identifying your surroundings is key.
  • Keep your medication close: You should never be far from an emergency inhaler or any other kind of medication that you might need in an emergency. These items should be kept at your desk within arm’s reach if you are ever in a situation where they would be necessary.
  • Purchase a desktop air purifier: If you want to keep the air around your workspace clean and pollutant free, you should invest in a personal purifier for your desk. That way, you will be able to breathe easily while you work.

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