Humidifier or Air Purifier: Which Is Better for Allergies?

If you suffer from allergies, you’ve probably heard that both air purifiers and humidifiers can help keep your symptoms under control. While both do help, they approach the problem of allergies in very different ways. One common question people have is whether humidifiers or air purifiers are better for allergy relief. Here’s what you need to know about how each of these devices helps with allergies and which one is really better.


How Humidifiers Help With Allergies


For some people with allergies, a personal humidifier may help alleviate symptoms. Maintaining higher levels of humidity can help the mucus membranes in your mouth and nose block pollen. Through this mechanism, higher humidity can actually be a good tool in fighting seasonal allergies. In other words, a humidifier helps to support your body in preventing allergic reactions.


How Air Purifiers Help With Allergies


Air purifiers, on the other hand, trap pollen and other allergens before they enter your body. With an air purifier, you can keep more allergens out of your home air. Air purifiers continue helping improve your home air quality, even if you aren’t experiencing allergies already. As such, an air purifier can be thought of as a more proactive solution to allergy problems.


Which Is Better for Allergies, Humidifiers or Air Purifiers?


While they both have their merits, a good air purifier is the better solution when it comes to allergies. Humidifiers can alleviate symptoms and help your body cope during allergy season. Air purifiers, on the other hand, can actively remove allergens from the air you breathe at home.


Air purifiers also have the advantage of removing other contaminants that could affect your health. Air purifiers for allergies come equipped with HEPA filters. These filters can capture dust, mold spores, dander and other solids, not just pollen. So, even after allergy season is over, your air purifier can still help you breathe cleaner air.


Using Air Purifiers and Humidifiers Together


That isn’t to say, though, that you shouldn’t use a humidifier when your allergies flare up. If you suffer from heavy seasonal allergies, the best approach is to use both together. This way, you can get the protection of an air purifier and the symptom-alleviating effects of a humidifier at the same time.


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