Asthma and allergy control tips that may surprise you

Certain fruits like apples and bananas have proteins that can cause allergic reactions similar to hay fever.

Most people who suffer from asthma or allergies are well aware of certain triggers they need to avoid. However, there's some conventional wisdom regarding these afflictions that seems to fall through the cracks. In a recent article, The Washington Post offers allergy and asthma control advice that is commonly overlooked: 

Fruit can cause allergic reactions – The proteins in bananas, apples, plums and other kinds of fruit are known to cause symptoms similar to hay fever in some people, but microwaving them for 10 seconds beforehand can help. 

Mold may be more prevalent than you think – While many people picture this fungus growing in damp basements and bathroom tiles, the truth is that it can show up in other more conspicuous places like your refrigerator, your air conditioner or your dishwasher — anywhere that has an abundance of moisture, essentially. 

Nylon shower curtains are preferable to vinyl – "Allergy sufferers are told to shower often to remove pollen and pet dander from their bodies," states the news outlet. "But the phthalate chemicals in vinyl shower curtains emit chemical odors with humidity and heat, and also attract mold and mildew. For those with allergic sensitivities, these smells can cause airways to constrict and even provoke an asthma attack."

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