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Air pollution may increase risk of dementia

     According to a new study published in the May 2015 issue of the journal Stroke, if you live near a major roadway or other pollution source, you may be more at risk of developing dementia. The study, led by researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, found that middle-aged and older people who were exposed to high levels of air pollution had smaller brain volumes and were at a higher risk of silent stroke than those who were less exposed.

     The study looked at data from more than 900 people who had participated in the Framingham Heart Study. The researchers determined how far the participants lived from major roadways and used satellite imagery to determine their levels of exposure to PM2.5 particles, which are the tiny particles implicated in many of the negative effects of air pollution, including heart attack and stroke.

     They found that participants who lived closer to major roadways, and were therefore exposed to more PM2.5, were more likely to experience covert brain infarcts. These are a form of "silent stroke" that often occur without the person noticing them and can lead to more serious strokes later on. The researchers also found that even in patients who didn't suffer from these silent strokes, exposure to air pollution was associated with smaller brain volume, an early sign of dementia. 

     Elissa Walker, ScD, of Beth Israel's Cardiovascular Epidemiology Research Unit, said in a statement, "This is one of the first studies to look at the relationship between ambient air pollution and brain structure. Our findings suggest that air pollution is associated with insidious effects on structural brain aging, even in dementia- and stroke-free individuals."

     One of the best ways to defend yourself from air pollution is to invest in a home air purifier. Contact US Air Purifiers for more information. 

3 lesser-known symptoms of seasonal allergies

     Allergists and meteorologists across the country agree: This spring is on track to be one of the worst ever on record for allergy sufferers. This means that even if you're used to your normal spring allergy symptoms, you might find yourself experiencing some new ones that you've never encountered before. Most people are familiar with the coughing, sneezing and watery eyes that come with seasonal allergies, but there are some symptoms that are less common and might surprise you. Here are a few of these less common symptoms:

  • Itchy ears. Just like your eyes and nose, your ears can also become itchy if they're exposed to too many allergens. You might think you have an ear infection or water in your ear due to the swelling that can come with this irritation. See your doctor for prescription ear drops if this symptom is becoming a problem and doesn't go away with ordinary antihistamines.
  • Sore throat in the morning. Allergies clog your nose, forcing you to breathe through your mouth while you sleep. This in turn causes the back of your throat to dry out, making it feel sore. The good news is that this symptom usually gets better throughout the day as you drink water and moisten your throat again.
  • Behavioral issues in children. If allergies keep your children from getting a good night's sleep, they may act moody and defiant during the day due to fatigue. If your child has allergies and their teacher or caretaker complains to you about their behavior, it's a good idea to make sure it's not being caused by allergies before you assume deeper issues are at play.

     A home air purifier is one of the best investments you can make to help with your allergies. For help finding the best air purifier for allergies, contact US Air Purifiers today. 

Air pollution in the womb leads to mental problems in children

A recent study has discovered that one of the most common pollutants emitted by power plants, vehicles and cigarettes may be especially dangerous for pregnant women and their babies. The researchers found that prenatal exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) led to decreased white matter in the brain, causing behavioral and cognitive problems once the children were born.

The researchers recruited 655 pregnant Dominican and African American women from New York City to take part in the study. The women wore specially designed PAH detector backpacks during late pregnancy to measure their exposure to these pollutants, and their children were later tested for cognitive and behavioral issues.

The study found that the larger the amount of prenatal exposure to PAHs a child had, the more acute their developmental and behavioral issues were. This seemed to be due to a reduction in the volume of white matter in the brain, which also corresponded to PAH exposure. This was true even after controlling for exposure to other pollutants that might affect the brain, like lead and insecticides.

Lead author Dr. Bradley Peterson, director of the Institute for the Developing Mind at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, said in a statement, "The effects were extraordinarily powerful. The more prenatal exposure to PAH, the bigger the white matter problems the kids had. And the bigger the white matter problems, the more severe symptoms of ADHD, aggression and slow processing they had on cognitive tasks."

The study also found that these effects were not limited to the neonatal stage, as children who continued to be exposed to high levels of PAHs after birth had further brain damage.

If you live in a highly polluted area, a home air purifier can be your first line of defense. Contact US Air Purifiers for more information. 

5 surprising facts about seasonal allergies

     If you have seasonal allergies, you probably know that it's important to take your medication regularly and monitor your activity to lower your allergen exposure. But did you know that thunderstorms can make allergy symptoms worse? Here are a few things about seasonal allergies that might surprise you:

  • They can lead to what looks like food allergies. Seasonal allergy sufferers sometimes experience something called "pollen-food allergy symptom", which involves allergic symptoms in the mouth and throat when eating fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, carrots, peaches and cherries. The remnants of pollen in these foods cross-react with certain proteins, causing what might appear to be a food allergy.
  • Stress can worsen allergy symptoms. Reducing your stress level isn't just a new-age cure-all: It can actually reduce the production of histamine, the substance that causes allergic reactions, in the body. Doing yoga or setting aside half an hour per day for meditation can help you manage your symptoms.
  • Thunderstorms can trigger allergy-related asthma. In a phenomenon that's not yet scientifically understood, thunderstorms can cause allergic people to experience difficulty breathing, even if they've never had breathing problems before. 
  • Chlorine can make your allergies worse. If you're thinking of getting a jump start on swimming season this summer, but you have seasonal allergies, you might want to rethink your plan. Chlorine irritates your membranes, making seasonal allergy symptoms worse.
  • You should start taking medication ahead of time. Allergy medications are most effective when they can completely block the histamine receptor before a reaction occurs. Once the histamine has been produced, it can take a while for symptoms to be relieved by medication.

     To find a HEPA air purifier for allergies, contact US Air Purifiers for help today. 

When to see a doctor about your seasonal allergies

     Many people try to avoid seeing a doctor for their allergy symptoms, preferring to treat them on their own with over-the-counter medications or natural remedies. However, there are certain times when it's important to consult with your doctor to prevent supposedly "minor" spring allergies from developing into a more serious problem. Here are a few of those times:

  • Your over-the-counter medication isn't working. Don't settle for subpar allergy relief if over-the-counter drugs aren't working to manage your symptoms. See your doctor to figure out if you can find better relief from a prescription medication.
  • Your symptoms have lasted for months. Most seasonal allergy symptoms flare up and die down within a relatively short period of time as plants release their pollen in waves. If you've been experiencing the same symptoms for more than three months, you might be allergic to something other than pollen, or the symptoms might be due to something other than allergies.
  • You're having trouble breathing. If you feel any chest tightness or start wheezing, get medical help immediately, as this can be a sign of a worse reaction to come.
  • Your symptoms are getting in the way of your life. If you're unable to get to sleep because you keep coughing, or your constant sneezing is ruining your focus at work, consult with your doctor to figure out how you can better manage your symptoms to allow yourself to live your life.
  • You've developed another chronic disorder. Diseases like diabetes, heart disease and liver or kidney disease can make taking certain over-the-counter allergy medications dangerous, so check with your doctor before continuing to take these medications.

     An air purifier can be a significant help in managing seasonal allergy symptoms. For help finding an air purifier for allergies, contact US Air Purifiers.

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