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How Probiotic Sprays Can Help Protect You Against Disease and Allergies

Although we're all aware of it, most of don't stop during our day-to-day lives to consider the fact that germs, contaminants and allergens are literally everywhere. Objects, surfaces and even the air we breathe every day are filled with substances that, under the right conditions, can be harmful to our bodies. Here at US Air Purifiers, we focus heavily on complete cleaning of home air in order to remove these harmful contaminants. However, there will always be situations in which it will be difficult to control the quality of the air or the cleanliness of the surfaces around you. For these situations, we recommend BetterAir's portable probiotic sprays.  

  What Are Probiotic Sprays?

  Put simply, probiotics are beneficial bacteria. Contrary to popular belief, bacteria are not universally harmful or neutral. Several varieties are not only beneficial, but completely essential to human health. The human body contains a massive number of bacteria on which it depends to perform a range of services. Collectively, these colonies of bacteria in the human body are known as the microbiome. Probiotics promote the health of this microbiome, and by extension the human body as a whole, by introducing more of these beneficial bacteria. Generally, probiotics are taken internally, often in the form of food. Yogurt, for example, has been demonstrated to offer health benefits associated with the presence of probiotic cultures used to make it. Now, however, an innovative company called BetterAir has hit upon the idea of introducing these probiotics in an aerosol form. The primary use of this technology is in home air systems. The same probiotics are, however, available in the form of  simple and portable probiotic sprays.  

  How do Probiotic Sprays Help to Promote Health?

  Probiotic sprays can help you to stay healthy in two key ways. The first is that, when released into the air or sprayed onto a surface, probiotic sprays will help to diminish the resources of a wide range of contaminants present in the immediate environment. Secondly, when breathed in, the helpful organisms found in probiotic sprays will be introduced into your microbiome, supporting health internally. Combined, these two benefits make probiotic sprays one of the simplest ways to promote health and limit exposure to biological contaminants.  


  Using probiotic sprays in areas where you cannot fully control air quality is one of the fastest and easiest ways to limit your exposure to harmful contaminants. Although these sprays are excellent for this use, it is still recommended that you use a residential air purifier at home to complement them and to make the air in your home as healthy as possible. Please see the links below for BetterAir's portable and economical probiotic sprays.   BetterAir 1.67 fluid ounce probiotic spray -$19 BetterAir 6.7 fluid ounce probiotic spray -$38   Have questions? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us with your questions, and we'll guide you through the process of selecting the best products for improving your health with naturally clean air.  

Introducing the Amaircare 4000 Series

At US Air Purifiers, Amaircare has always been among our favorite air purifier brands due to the company's consistent innovation, dedication to quality and economical pricing. Now, we are pleased to announce the introduction of the new Amaircare 4000 series, a two-model series of commercial air purifiers ideal for a wide range of applications in both industrial and non-industrial commercial facilities. These air purifiers are an excellent solution for many smaller businesses and locations, and we are proud to now be able to offer them to our dedicated customers.  

  A Bit About the Amaircare 4000 Series

  To start off, let's take a look at the two models currently offered as part of the Amaircare 4000 line. One model offers combination carbon and HEPA filtration, while the other focuses on deep carbon filtration for the removal of gaseous compounds. Following are more detailed descriptions of each unit and the applications to which it is best suited.  

  Amaircare 4000 Carbon/HEPA

  The combination HEPA and carbon filtration system built into this unit features a 7-pound carbon canister which offers excellent filtration of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Combined with this system is a HEPA filter system, which focuses on removing particulate impurities from the surrounding air. This combination filtration method is ideal for applications in which both gases and particles need to be removed. An ideal example of this situation is in a commercial marijuana dispensary, where both mold spores and gases potentially released from commercial fertilizers must be filtered out of the air.  

  Amaircare 4000 Carbon-only

  The carbon-only version of the Amaircare 4000 series offers a 30-pound carbon canister for deep-cleaning of any organic gases in the surrounding air. This kind of filtering is ideal for facilities where dangerous gases and fumes are the prime concern. Such facilities include welding shops and industrial facilities, especially those facilities that use TCE as an industrial degreaser.   Both of these units are designed to provide complete air purification for areas of up to 18,000 cubic feet and are contained within a durable metal enclosure that will provide protection to the filters in a busy commercial facility. Each unit also comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty, ensuring that the air purifier your business selects will be guaranteed to provide protection to you and your staff for years to come.  


  One of the best aspects of the Amaircare 4000 series is the excellent value that it provides. Both units are priced at $999, considerably lower than most comparable commercial air purifiers. This makes the Amaircare 4000 series ideal for smaller businesses and startups that need to keep an eye on overhead expenses or may be working with limited budgets. Best of all, with their 18,000 cubic foot filtration capacity, the Amaircare 4000 units can be employed in most small to medium sized business spaces, making them useful for smaller facilities that may be looking to grow in the future.  


  Regardless of whether your commercial facility requires filtration of gases and particulates or just heavy cleansing of fumes from the air, the Amaircare 4000 series is an excellent solution for a wide range of different applications. This versatility, combined with top quality and economical pricing, makes the Amaircare 4000 series one of the best options for small to medium sized businesses looking to protect the health of their employees with air purification systems. If you own or represent a business that requires such a system, feel free to contact us for personalized support for the process of selecting the best commercial air purifier for your business's needs.

Announcing the Blueair Classic Line

At US Air Purifiers, we've always been proud to offer Blueair products to our customers, as we believe that they are among the leading brands in the field of air purification. Now, we are pleased to announce that we will soon be able to offer Blueair's Classic line, a brand new series of air purifiers from one of the industry's leading manufacturers.  

  What's New in the Classic Line?

  The Blueair Classic series incorporates top of the line air purification technology with the latest in technological innovations to create a home air quality system like no other. The filtration of the Blueair Classic line is a HEPA-based system that removes 99.97% of all airborne particulates greater than 0.3 microns in size. This HEPA technology is paired with a virtually silent airflow system that allows Blueair Classic units to operate without any kind of annoying buzzing or humming. Despite being almost entirely silent, this airflow system can circulate the air in a room at a rate of up to five times per hour, ensuring that air stays as clean as it can possibly be. Combined with this mechanical air purification system is also an electrostatic system that ionizes particles in the air, further reducing overall contaminants.   In addition to superior air cleaning technology, the Blueair Classic series units are equipped with connectivity features that allow them to become part of a whole-house cleaning system. A simple smartphone app allows users to control the settings of the purifiers from their phones, making them easy to adjust as needed. Users who also integrate the Blueair Aware air quality monitor, however, will gain access to an entirely different level of purification functionality. By connecting the Blueair Aware and a purifier from the classic series, users can allow their purifiers to react to real-time air quality data and self-adjust their settings to respond.  

  How to Get a Blueair Classic Air Purifier

  Blueair's Classic series air purifiers will be available on beginning on October 1st. To receive updates when these incredible next-generation Blueair air purifiers become available, be sure to like our Facebook Page, where we'll be sharing all new information relative to the release. Keep an eye open, and you'll see this exciting new line of air purifiers as soon as it becomes available!   Have questions about the Blueair Classic series or one of our other high-quality air purification systems? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us with your questions, and we'll help to guide you through the process of picking out the ideal air purifier for your needs.

A Surprising New Potential Treatment for Asthma

British scientists have confirmed a new treatment for the symptoms of asthma. The new treatment, however, may surprise many asthma sufferers. This treatment, surprisingly enough, is Vitamin D.  

Results of the Asthma Treatment Study

  The new research, carried out by Queen Mary University of London, showed that the rate of severe asthma attack in patients being given both standard asthma medication and Vitamin D supplements dropped from the normal rate of 6 percent to 3 percent. Though many people already take Vitamin D supplements, the doses used in the study were up to five times higher than the standard supplemental dose, prompting the authors of the study to caution asthmatics against attempting to replicate the results with individual supplementation. Though the study showed no significant side effects, overly high doses of Vitamin D are associated with hypercalcemia, a buildup of excess calcium in the bloodstream. However, the study's author's remained optimistic that the research could yield a viable Vitamin-D based asthma medication in the future.

 Other Ways to Control Asthma Symptoms

  While this research is promising, it could be some time before the correct dosage is determined and synthesized into a safe and effective medication. There are, however, some great ways to lower your risk of having an asthma attack. First and foremost, it's important to avoid stress, as it is one of the leading causes of severe asthma attacks. Eating a healthy diet with low or no alcohol intake can also help to manage asthma symptoms.   One of the best ways to avoid asthma attacks, however, is to eliminate impurities in the air. Because asthma renders the lungs and upper respiratory system vulnerable in the first place, contaminants can easily trigger varying degrees of asthma attacks. To prevent this kind of attack, the best approach is to make use of a residential air purifier. A high-quality air purification system will remove impurities that could cause asthma attacks from the air in your home, thus giving your respiratory system a break from the many contaminants it is exposed to on a day to day basis. For most asthma sufferers, a HEPA purification system will help to reduce the risk of attacks. If your home is exposed to gaseous chemicals, however, you will need a combination HEPA/VOC purifier.  


  Though the new research into Vitamin D as an asthma treatment shows promise, asthma patients are warned against attempting to supplement with overly high doses of Vitamin D until the proper dosage for treatment can be determined. There are, however, several natural ways to reduce asthma symptoms and limit the severity of attacks.   Have questions about using air purification technology for treating asthma symptoms? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us with your questions, and we'll guide you through the process of selecting the perfect air purifier for your needs.

New Report Predicts Millions of Premature Deaths From Air Pollution

We are all aware that air pollution is a huge problem, both from a medical and an environmental perspective. What many people do not realize, however, is just how devastating air pollution can be to human health. At present, it is estimated that as many as 3 million people die premature deaths each year in connection with air pollution. As if this figure is not startling enough, a new report released by the International Energy Agency concerning projections of air pollution trends into 2040 suggests that by that year the number of premature deaths will have risen to 4.5 million annually.  

  How Does Air Pollution Cause Premature Deaths?

  The 3 million annual premature deaths from air pollution currently estimated occur for a wide range of reasons. There are, however, some common causes of death to which air pollution is a contributing factor. Among these are heart disease and diabetes, two conditions that people rarely think to associate with air pollution. Of course, there are also more obvious health risk associated with air pollution, such as impaired lung function and certain forms of cancer (provided that the type of pollution present in the immediate environment is of a carcinogenic variety).  

  Why Are Deaths Expected to Rise?

  Although steps are being taken in many places to limit exposure to air pollution, deaths are still expected to increase by 50 percent over the next 24 years. The reason for this is that as developing countries, such as India, continue to industrialize, the demand for energy will grow larger and larger. In developing nations, environmental restrictions are typically much less strict than in more developed countries, allowing more of the byproducts of burning fossil fuels to be released into the environment as air pollution.   However, developing nations are not the only places where air pollution is a major concern. Even in highly developed western countries, air pollution from industrial process and especially from vehicle exhaust poses a significant health risk, particularly in large urban areas. For this reason, protection from air pollution is needed all around the world, not just in the developing world.  

  How to Protect Yourself

  By far the easiest way to protect yourself against the harmful effects of air pollution is to make use of a home air purifier. Although you can't control the outside air, you can remove harmful pollutants from the air in your home, thus limiting your exposure to them.   Have questions about using air purification systems to protect yourself and your family from harmful pollutants? We're here to help. Feel free to contact us with your questions, and we'll help you through the process of picking out the best air purifier for your needs.

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