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US Air Purifiers LLC is a US, small business that is family owned by a female (WOSB) and a disabled, retired veteran. Our 5 Star customer customer rating and A+ BBB review among other certificates originate from our basic business philosophy, the backbone of our company; Treat each and every customer the way we want to be treated. (continue reading)

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Tennessee Wildfires: What Affected Residents Need to Know to Protect Their Health

As reports of the tragic Tennessee wildfires that have now caused seven deaths and a massive amount of damage to property continue to come out, many residents living near the affected areas of Tennessee are wondering how the ash and smoke from the fires may impact their health. In this article, we'll cover some of the potential effects of wildfire smoke on nearby areas and the steps you can take to protect yourself and your family if you live near the affected parts of Tennessee.  

  How Could the Tennessee Wildfires Impact Health?

  Although large wildfires are obviously dangerous on their own, they have a profound impact on the air quality in areas near to where they are occurring. Smoke, ash and carbon dioxide produced by the mass burning of organic matter can decrease air quality well beyond the confines of the actual wildfire. These airborne impurities can, in turn, trigger asthma attacks and aggravate respiratory conditions. Over time, significant exposure to these impurities can even increase the risk of heart disease and other such chronic conditions. For these reasons, it is important that those who are living in the vicinity of the Tennessee wildfires take steps to protect themselves.  

  What Can You Do?

  If you are living in or near the areas of Tennessee that have been affected by these wildfires, there are several ways to protect yourself from the ash, smoke and gaseous impurities produced by them. One of the best ways to do this is by limiting the amount of time you spend outdoors and keeping the air in your house circulating without bringing in outside air. This will offer you some measure of protection, especially from the particulate debris. Staying indoors as much as possible is also a good idea, as this will limit your exposure to the worst of the pollution produced by the wildfires.   The best way to protect yourself and your family, however, is by making use of a home air purifier. In order to get the best protection from the byproducts of the wildfires, we advise using a purifier that offers both HEPA and VOC filtration, which will remove both gaseous and particulate impurities. Below, you'll find some of our top recommendations for those whose air quality has been reduced by the Tennessee wildfires:   Amaircare Aiwarsh Commercial Scrubber- This unit is excellent for larger facilities needing protection from the effects of the fires. The Amaircare Airwash provides coverage for up to 41,300 square feet. Field Controls TRIO- This 4-stage air purification system offers hospital-grade air quality in a home environment. Covers up to 1,000 square feet. Amaircare 3000 VOC- The Amaircare 3000 VOC unit focuses on gaseous impurities, but is also equipped with HEPA filtration for removing ash and other particulates.   Although these are a few of our top units for combating the health effects of the Tennessee wildfires, we have many more home and commercial air purifiers to choose from. If you need help selecting the right unit for your needs, feel free to contact us directly, and we'll help you through the selection process with our expert advice. Stay safe, and be sure to protect yourselves in any way possible from the adverse effects of the raging Tennessee wildfires.

5 Health-Conscious Gifts for the Health Nut on Your List

With the holidays now just around the corner and the shopping season beginning in earnest, most of us are scrambling to figure out what presents to get for our friends and loved ones. Chances are, somewhere on your list, there's a friend or a family member who is serious about promoting and protecting their health. These so-called "health nuts" (though we just like to think of ourselves as health-conscious) are surprisingly easy to shop for at the holidays, as new products that will help them stay healthy will make their day every single time. To help you shop for the health nut on your list, we've put together our top five picks for awesome health-conscious gifts.  

  Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor

  The Foobot indoor air quality monitor is a simple, easy to use device that measures the quality of the air in an indoor space and reports via a smartphone app. Armed with this information, users can take the necessary steps to improve the quality of their home air and eliminate whatever contaminants may be present. For the health-conscious person on your list, this is a gift that will keep on giving in the form of reliable air quality data for years to come.  

  Airfree Lotus Air Purifier

  The Airfree Lotus is a revolutionary maintenance-free air purifier that removes particulate impurities from the air using a thermal ceramic core. This air purifier also features color-changing technology for mood lighting to help users relax after a hard day at work or school. Best of all, the Lotus is extremely small and completely silent, making it perfect for bedrooms, offices or dorm rooms.  

  SPT Ultrasonic Humidifier

  Aside from the quality of air, the humidity level has a great deal to do with how healthy air in a given space is. Air that is too dry can cause dehydration of outer body surfaces and irritate asthma and other respiratory conditions. For this reason, we recommend that anyone who is serious about improving the overall quality of their air use a small humidifier, such as the SPT 2-Gallon Ultrasonic Humidifier. Humidifiers make especially good holiday gifts, as the cold weather that coincides with the holiday season bring with it the dry air that results from furnace usage.  

  BetterAir Probiotic Spray

  Looking for a health-conscious gift on a budget? Don't worry, we have your gift-giving needs covered with portable probiotic sprays from BetterAir. These spray bottles contain a revolutionary probiotic blend that depletes the resources of harmful contaminants while promoting overall health. The spray is available in a 6.7fl or 1.67fl container.  

  US Air Purifiers Gift Certificate

  Not sure what health-conscious gifts your friends and loved ones may enjoy? Why not let them decide with a US Air Purifiers gift certificate? Simply choose an amount and select whether to print the certificate off at home or receive a physical gift card. Now, the health-minded individual on your list can pick out exactly what he or she wants from our huge selection of air purifiers and related healthy living products.   Although these are our top picks, we have many other great items on our website to fill up your gift list this holiday season. Feel free to browse our inventory for more great health-conscious gifts or to contact us with any questions you may have about any of our products.

Amaircare XR100: One of the Best Car Air Purifiers on the Market

In our blog posts, we often discuss the quality of indoor air, as the home is where most people spend the majority of their time. No matter how good your indoor air quality is, however, all of us have to leave our homes on a daily basis. Outside, we have no control over the quality of the air, making it difficult to control asthma symptoms or prevent exposure to harmful pollutants and contaminants. There is, however, another way to gain an upper hand in the battle for naturally clean air outside of the home. Most times that we leave our homes, it is to go somewhere in a car and, unlike the outside air, the quality of the air in a vehicle can be controlled by use of a car air purifier, such as the Amaircare XR100.  

  How Does the Amaircare XR100 Work?

  Amaircare's XR100 car air purifier is a small, portable air purifier that can mount to the back of a vehicle's headrest, making it excellent for cleaning the air in an automobile without taking up valuable seating or storage space. The XR100 utilizes a 3-stage filtration process to remove different types of common contaminants. First, an activated carbon filter is used to catch large particulate impurities and remove some odors. Secondly, the air is passed through an electrically charged medium. During this second stage of filtration, impurities such as hair, dander, pollen and dust will adhere to the medium because of its static charge. Finally, the air is passed through another carbon filter meant to remove VOCs and to more thoroughly eliminate odors. The Amaircare XR100 plugs directly into a car's cigarette lighter, eliminating the need for a power inverter.  

  Why is This One of the Best Car Air Purifiers?

  The XR100's 3-stage filtration makes it nearly as powerful as some home air purification systems in terms of its ability to remove contaminants from the air. When placed in a small space such as a car, its ability to clean air is truly remarkable. Depending on the size of your vehicle, the Amaircare XR100 can completely cycle the air in it from 4 to 16 times per hour. Its ability to mount on the back of a headrest is also great for family car trips, as it can run continuously without taking up space. Finally, light-weight steel construction gives the XR100 excellent durability. The Amaircare XR100 car air purifier also comes with a five year manufacturer's warranty on all labor and parts, ensuring that, no matter what, your investment is protected.   If you are interested in learning more about one of the best car air purifiers on the market, check out US Air Purifiers' Amaircare XR100 page, where you can view full specifications and pricing. Have questions about this model or other air purifier? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us directly, and we'll help you to select the air purification system or systems that are best for your needs.

Introducing the EnviroKlenz Portable Air Purifier

One of the most interesting things about the world of air purification technology is the fact that there are so many different people with so many different needs out there. At US Air Purifiers, we make it our mission to provide the right solutions to as many different people as possible. That is why we are pleased to introduce the EnviroKlenz portable air purifier, a unit that is excellent for mobile applications and for those with severe chemical sensitivities.  

  What is the EnviroKlenz?

  The EnviroKlenz air purifier is a simple yet extremely effective air purification system  that removes both particulate matter and VOCs/odors from the air. What is unique, however, is the manner in which it eliminated VOCs. Traditionally, chemically treated carbon is used to eliminate these airborne contaminants. To the majority of users, air purifiers that work in this manner will have no adverse effects. However, those suffering from severe chemical sensitivities, especially MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) can be adversely affected by the chemicals used to treat the activated carbon. For this reason, the EnviroKlenz system utilizes specially selected metal oxides that remove VOCs and odors without exposing sensitive users to treating chemicals.  

  Use as an RV Air Purifier

  In addition to being a great solution for those suffering from chemical sensitivities, the EnviroKlenz system is also perhaps the best RV air purifier currently on the market. The RV air purifier model is slightly different from the standard model, featuring fixed feet instead of wheels for enhanced stability in a moving motor home or camper. For our customers who want to maintain their health with naturally pure air while on the road, this air purifier is among the best options available.   Though most RV enthusiasts rarely consider it, an air purifier is actually fairly important in a motor home, especially on long trips. Exhaust fumes and other VOCs can easily build up and cause respiratory irritation over time. Traveling also present an allergen problem, as you may be exposed to varieties of pollen which you have never encountered before,  triggering allergic reactions. For this latter problem, the HEPA component of the EnviroKlenz system offers excellent allergen protection.  

  How to Get an EnviroKlenz

  If you are interested in using this revolutionary new air purification system, we at US Air Purifiers are happy to say that we are now offering it to our customers. Simply select the unit you want (fixed feet or wheels) and receive 3 VOC cartridges with your purchase for easy future maintenance. Free shipping is offered on all EnviroKlenz products within the United States, including shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.   Standard air purifier RV air purifier   Have questions or concerns about using this system with your sensitivities? Don't worry, we're here to help. Contact us directly and we'll help you to determine whether or not the EnviroKlenz system is suitable for your needs.

Three Benefits of Humidifiers: Using Home Humidifiers to Improve Your Health

In dealing with the health and quality of home air, a focus is usually placed on impurities in the air. However, there is another factor that is nearly as important as the purity of the air you breathe, which is the concentration of moisture within it. Though many of us rarely think of it, the humidity level of the air we breathe is quite important. With the winter months now coming up, home air across the country will be dried by furnaces and heaters, making the humidity drop well below optimal levels. Luckily, home humidifiers offer a simple solution to this problem. Here are three of the top benefits of humidifiers for keeping the air in your home as healthy as possible.  

  1. Humidifiers Keep Eyes and Skin Moisturized, Preventing Irritation

  Most people are familiar with the dry skin that often accompanies the winter months and the feeling of eye irritation on especially cold winter mornings. What most people do not consider, however, is that these are symptoms of prolonged exposure to air that is so dry that it literally absorbs moisture from the outer surfaces of the human body. Though not a serious health concern, the irritation that can result from these conditions is extremely unpleasant and easily preventable with the use of even a small home humidifier.  

  2. Reduced Risk of Asthma Attack

  People suffering from asthma often find that the winter months are the most difficult time of the year because of an increased prevalence of asthma symptoms. Extremely dry air can cause the already compromised airways of asthma patients to narrow due to lack of moisture, resulting in an increased risk of asthma attacks, especially with physical exertion (such as shoveling snow). Much like exterior skin dryness, however, a quality home humidifier can help to mitigate this problem.  

  3. Fewer Headaches

  Like other parts of the body, the sinuses can be irritated and inflamed by excessively dry air during the winter months. This can result in sinus headaches ranging from mild to severe in their impact and painfulness. Usually, these headaches take the form of a low-level but consistent ache, rather than a severe headache. Even these, however, can be extremely annoying to live with. Among the many benefits of humidifiers is the fact that air with an increased humidity concentration will help to alleviate these frequent winter headaches.  

  Where to Get the Best Humidifiers

  Given the many health benefits of humidifiers, especially during winter months, it is a good idea to get one before the weather turns too cold. Luckily, US Air Purifiers offers a wide range of both traditional and stylized home humidifiers that our customers can use to keep the air in their homes properly moisturized this winter.   Have questions about improving your health with humidifiers, air purifiers and other clean air products? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us, and we'll guide you through the process of selecting the best products for your budget and needs.

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Some of our most popular brands are Austin Air, Rabbit Air, Blue Air, NQ Industries, Airfree, Allerair, Sunpentown, Whirlpool, Electrocorp, Vortex Desk Lamp, and Airpura. Our product line consist of but is not limited to the following home comfort products: air purifiers, air purifier filters, humidifiers, and portable air conditioners.

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