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Severe Pollen Allergy Symptoms: What You Need to Know

During the spring, summer and fall, many people experience minor allergies to pollen being produced by various plants. For some, though, pollen allergies can be much more extreme. Like any other allergen, pollen sensitivity varies from person to person, and what causes a slight runny nose for one person may produce an almost dangerous allergic reaction in another. Here's what you should know about the severe pollen allergy symptoms you should be on the lookout for if you know you are sensitive to allergens.  

  Standard Pollen Allergy Symptoms

  Before looking at the more extreme end of the spectrum, let's take a look at what are considered fairly normal pollen allergy symptoms. The symptoms experienced by most people with minor allergies to high levels of pollen can  include:  
  •   Stuffy or runny nose
  •   Occasional sneezing
  •   Itchy nose, eyes or throat
  •   Slight cough
  Though these symptoms can certainly be annoying, they usually aren't bad enough to be dangerous or to seriously impede you from going about your day as you normally would.  

  Severe Pollen Allergy Symptoms

  Those who are more sensitive to pollen, unfortunately, will experience much more severe symptoms during allergy season. Severe pollen allergy symptoms usually begin with much more severe versions of the more minor symptoms listed above. A slightly stuffy nose, for example, isn't enough to bother most people. If you nose becomes so stuffed up that you can't breathe through it, on the other hand, it's an good indication that you may be experiencing a more severe pollen allergy.   Other signs of a severe pollen allergy include:  
  •   Swelling of the eyes
  •   Pain in the center of the face caused by sinus pressure
  •   Severe sore throat from irritation due to coughing and sneezing
  Severe allergies can also be compounded if you have asthma, which can also be triggered by pollen in the air.  

  Using Air Purifiers to Control Pollen Allergy Symptoms

  Though some severe allergic reactions may require medication to control, many allergies can be kept under control through the use of a HEPA air purifier in the home. These air purifiers will capture pollen and greatly reduce your overall exposure to it. Here are a few of our top recommended air purifiers for allergies:  

Austin Air Allergy Machine

Field Controls TRIO

Amaircare 3000 HEPA

Airpura R600

   For more options, try checking out out complete list of recommended air purifiers for allergies, which includes units at all price points and with a wide range of different feature options. Have questions about using air purifiers to mitigate severe pollen allergy symptoms? Feel free to contact us directly, and we'll be happy to guide you through the process of picking out the air purifier that best suits your needs, space and budget.

Portable Air Purifiers for Cigarette Smoke: What Unit Should You Be Using?

One of the most common reasons people use air purifiers is to get rid of the smoke and odor of cigarettes. This smoke is not only unpleasant for many people, but can also result in health issues if exposure lasts over a long enough period of time. Luckily, there are many different air purifiers that are suitable for getting rid of cigarette smoke.   Sometimes, the need for an air purifier to handle cigarette smoke isn't just felt in one room of your house. This is why there are several portable air purifiers for cigarette smoke available on the market today. Here are a few units that will not only get rid of smoke, but are also easy to move wherever you need them.  

Amaircare 2500 VOC

  Weighing in at only 15 pounds and offering rolling casters, the Amaircare 2500 is one of the best portable air purifiers for cigarette smoke you're likely to find. This air purifier contains both HEPA and carbon filters, but its main focus is on VOCs and odors. This makes it perfect for eliminating the components of cigarette smoke. Despite its size, the Amaircare 2500 VOC model will still cover an impressive 1,250 square feet of space.

Learn More About the Amaircare 2500 VOC

EnviroKlenz Mobile Air Purifier

enviroklenz custom air purifier

  The EnviroKlenz mobile air purifier is one of the best units in terms of combining the ability to remove cigarette smoke with overall portability. This air purifier, despite weighing more than the Amaircare 2500, is extremely easy to move from place to place, thanks to its easy-rolling wheels. The EnviroKlenz is also equipped with state-of-the-art VOC filtration technology, giving it an unparalleled ability to remove cigarette smoke and odors from the air around it. Because of this filtering ability, the EnviroKlenz mobile air purifier should definitely be on your list of portable air purifiers for cigarette smoke.

Learn More About the EnviroKlenz Mobile Air Purifier

Austin Air HealthMate Plus Jr.

 At 18 pounds, the Austin Air HealthMate Plus Jr. is an air purifier that you can easily pick up and take with you, wherever you go. Don't let the size of this unit fool you, though. The HealthMate Plus Jr. features a four-stage filtering system that includes both HEPA and carbon filtration, making it a great solution for contaminants of all kinds. This unit is very effective at clearing cigarette smoke from areas of up to 700 square feet, and even comes with a five year warranty.

Learn More About the Austin Air HealthMate Plus Jr.


Why Do People Need Portable Air Purifiers for Cigarette Smoke?

  A question you might be asking yourself at this point is why you would need a portable air purifier for cigarette smoke. After all, most air purifier sit in one place most of the time. However, there are circumstances where it can be very useful to have a unit that can be moved easily. Suppose, for example, you planned to visit a relative who smokes for a few days and wanted to take an air purifier with you to protect yourself from the harmful second-hand smoke. A large, bulky air purifier would be very impractical, but something small and portable would be just the ticket.   Another common reason highly portable air purifiers are favored for cigarette smoke removal is that people don't always smoke in the same parts of a home. Though one area may be designated for smoking, it's far from uncommon for a person to light up a cigarette without thinking too much about where he or she is. For these occasional instances, it's a good idea to have a portable air purifier for cigarette smoke that can be moved into parts of your home away from the designated "smoking area" without any trouble.   Still have questions about using an air purifier to get rid of cigarette smoke? Don't worry, we're here to help. Simply contact us, and we'll be happy to walk you through the process of picking out the best air purifier for your needs and budget.

Best Air Purifiers for Marijuana Smoke: Our Top Picks

People smoke marijuana for a variety of different reasons ranging from the purely recreational to the essentially medicinal. What all marijuana smokers have in common, however, is the need to remove the strong smell of cannabis smoke from their homes. Over time, marijuana smoke can leave a lasting odor in clothes, personal belongings and even furniture. Luckily, there are several suitable air purifiers for marijuana smoke available for anyone who needs to remove this odor and smoke. Here's what you need to know about the best air purifiers for marijuana smoke.  

  What Kind of Air Purifier Do You Need?

  Capturing smoke and odor is a fairly specialized job which requires a little more than basic particle filtration. To fully get rid of the odor, your air purifier needs to be equipped with a carbon filter that will catch airborne gases. Unfortunately, a standard HEPA-only air purifier won't be able to accomplish this. Don't worry, though, since there are still plenty of air purifiers on the market that are ideally suited for removing the odor and smoke from marijuana use. Here are a few of our top picks from our lineup here at US Air Purifiers.  

Field Controls TRIO

  The Field Controls TRIO is an air purifier so good and so versatile that it shows up on almost every "best air purifier" list we do on this blog. This unit is one of the only medical-grade air purifiers that is small, portable and affordable enough to be used in the home. Unsurprisingly, it is more than capable of eliminating marijuana smoke and smell. This unit can cover up to 1,000 square feet of space. In addition to getting rid of odors and smoke, this air purifier will also eliminate most bacteria and viruses, airborne particles and harmful gases. If you're looking for one of the best air purifiers for marijuana smoke, the Field Controls TRIO should definitely be on your list of possibilities.

See Full Specs and Pricing for the Field Controls TRIO

AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6

  Another of our top picks for the best air purifiers for marijuana smoke is the AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6. Unlike the Field Controls TRIO, which is a jack of all trades, the AirMedic Pro 6 is designed and built specifically to focus on gases and odors. Covering spaces of up to 1,800 square feet, the AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 is one of the best air purifiers you can get for removing odors, gases, VOCs and other difficult to catch airborne contaminants. The unit features a large bed of activated carbon to ensure optimal filtration. Depending on your needs, you can even upgrade this carbon bed to make it thicker, thus giving it an even greater ability to filter.

See Full Specs and Pricing for the AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6

Amaircare 3000 VOC

  Like the Allerair AirMedic Pro 6, the Amaircare 3000 VOC is a unit that is designed to focus most heavily on gases and odors. This unit, however, does offer HEPA filtration in addition to carbon, meaning that it will do a better job of removing particles from the air. Featuring an all-steel construction, the Amaircare 3000 VOC will reliably clean air in spaces of up to 1,800 square feet. If you need an air purifier for a smaller space, there's also the Amaircare 2500 VOC, which will provide the same great coverage in 1,250-foot spaces. Whether you live in a full-sized house or a small apartment, these two units are among the best air purifiers for marijuana smoke.

See Full Specs and Pricing for the Amaircare 3000 VOC

Amaircare 2500 VOC

  If you use marijuana, it's important to stay ahead of the smoke and odor that can easily build up in your living space over time. Using an air purifier that's equipped for this task is the best way to make sure your home stays free of overwhelming marijuana smell. If you're looking for one of the best air purifiers for marijuana smoke, check out the three units listed above, or view our complete list of air purifiers for marijuana use.

  Have questions? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us directly, and we'll help you pick out the best air purifier for your personal needs.

Do Air Purifiers Work for Allergies? Find Out Here!

One of the most common questions we get here at US Air Purifiers is "Do air purifiers work for allergies?" Most people, especially in the spring and autumn, suffer from pollen-related allergies of some kind. Others suffer throughout the year from allergies to pet hair and other common household contaminants. One of the most popular solutions for these allergy problems is to use a home air purifier. Before you invest the money to buy one, however, you need to know whether or not air purifiers really do work for allergies, which is what we'll be answering in this blog post.  

  Understanding Different Types of Air Purifiers

  Before we jump into how well air purifiers work for allergies, we need to cover the basics of the different air purifier types. There are two basic types of air purifiers: HEPA and carbon filter. Though both of these filtration types are very good at what they do, their effects on airborne allergens are extremely different.   HEPA air purifiers use filters that are made from many layers of a porous material. When air passes through this filter material, airborne particles get trapped in it. In order to qualify as HEPA, a filter has to be able to remove at least 99.7 percent of particle that are greater than .3 microns in size. This includes all pollen types, pet hair, dander and even some larger bacteria.   Carbon filter air purifiers, on the other hand, will have little to no effect on such particles. Instead, they are intended to remove odors, gases and VOCs from the air in your home. In a carbon filter air purifier, air is passed through a bed of activated carbon. The chemicals that are used to treat this carbon capture the gaseous impurities from the air and hold them in, preventing them from being reintroduced to the air in your home. Needless to say, this kind of system won't capture particulates. However, many carbon air purifiers do come with a prefilter that will capture very large particles, such as pet hair and dust.   Finally, there's a third type of air purifier that is far less common than the other two, but which is worth mentioning here: the filterless thermal air purifier. These purifiers use a heating core to eliminate airborne particles. Like HEPA purifiers, they are quite effective against solid matter, but won't be able to eliminate gases. Unlike HEPA filters, however, they can remove very small bacteria and even viruses. As an additional benefit, these purifiers don't require regular maintenance or filter changes.  

  So, Do Air Purifiers Work for Allergies?

  The basic answer to this question is that some air purifiers work for allergies. HEPA and thermal air purifiers will be extremely effective in removing allergens from your home air. Carbon purifiers, however, will not be. If your primary concern is to find an air purifier that works for allergies, a HEPA purifier will generally be your best bet.

View Our Top Recommended Units for Allergies

  Still have questions about how to use an air purifier to fight your allergies? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us, and we'll help you pick out the perfect purifier for your personal needs.

The 3 Best Wall-Mounted Air Purifiers

Whether it is small or large, we believe every home should have an air purifier to make it a healthier living space for its inhabitants. Small homes, however, can present a little bit of a challenge in terms of finding space for an air purifier. This is why several manufacturers make wall-mounted air purifiers. These air purifiers can be attached to a mounting bracket and hung on a wall in any room of your house, causing them to take up space that otherwise would have gone unused. For those of you who are interested in air purification for smaller homes, here is a rundown of three of the best wall-mounted air purifiers on the market.  

Rabbit Air Minus A2

   One of the best air purifiers in general, the Rabbit Air Minus A2 is a combination HEPA and carbon filtration unit that can cover up to 700 square feet of space, making it perfect for small homes and apartments. This unit can accommodate a wall-mounting bracket, allowing it to be hung on any wall in your home. This bracket can be purchased separately here at US Air Purifiers. As an added bonus, the Rabbit Air Minus A2 also features a side-mounted mood light that will let you use it as an active piece of your decor. If you want something even more decorative, you can check out the artist series of the Rabbit Minus A2 models (see featured image above). These units depict classic pieces of artwork. When hung on a wall, they appear more like fine paintings than wall-mounted air purifiers.  

Blueair Pro XL

  Another of the best wall-mounted air purifiers you'll find in today's market comes from Blueair, which is among the most well-known makers of air purification systems. The Blueair Pro XL is a high-capacity unit which will perform 5 air cycles per hour in spaces of up to 1,180 square feet. The XL is equipped with a HEPA filter and can optionally be equipped with an extra carbon filtration system. The mounting bracket for the Blueair Pro XL comes separately from the air purifier, but can be added on as an option at the point of sale.  

AirFree Air Fit 800

  For those who need wall-mounted air purifiers on a budget, the AirFree Air Fit 800 is the perfect solution. Though this purifier covers less area than the other two options on this list at 180 square feet, it has the huge advantage of being priced at just $169, making it accessible to practically anyone. The unit is also extremely small, making it easy to mount in a bedroom, bathroom or other small space. Finally, the AirFree Air Fit 800 offers the advantages of being a filterless air purifier. This unit uses a thermal heating element to eliminate particles in the air, meaning no regular maintenance, no filter changes and virtually no noise!  

How to Buy Wall-Mounted Air Purifiers

If you are interested in getting a wall-mounted air purifier, US Air Purifiers has your needs covered. Simply select the model you want and, if applicable, the mounting bracket that it needs to be held onto a wall. These brackets are easy to install and provide a firm, stable hold, ensuring your air purifier will stay in place as it should.   Still have questions about wall-mounted air purifiers? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us with your questions, and we'll be happy to help you select the ideal unit for your needs.

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