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Is the Air in Your Home Causing Premature Aging?

There are many well-known effects of air pollution, including its potential to trigger asthma attacks and even increase the risk for cardiovascular conditions. However, there are also many, many effects of air pollution that few people are aware of. Included in this list is the potential of some forms of air pollution to cause premature aging, especially of skin. It may come as a surprise that something like gases and particles in the air around you could wrinkle your skin early, but it is one of the many demonstrated effects of air pollution.  

  What Types of Air Pollution Cause Premature Aging?

  One of the most common household causes of premature aging is the presence of cigarette smoke. It is well known that actively smoking can cause skin to sag and wrinkle early, but secondhand smoke is also a contributing factor to premature aging. However, cigarette smoke is far from the only type of air pollution that causes skin to lose its elasticity earlier than it should. Exhaust from vehicles, too, has been shown to have a cumulative effect on skin. Unlike cigarette smoke, very few people have the option of simply avoiding this form of air pollution, making its effects very widespread. Biological contaminants, such as dust and airborne bacteria, can also have an effect on premature aging, though to a lesser degree than harsh chemical pollutants.   Industrial pollution is also a serious culprit in premature aging, though this type of air pollution affects only those who live in cities with certain kinds of industrial facilities. Though emissions regulations on factories have helped to significantly reduce the effects of industrial air pollution in the United States, the United Kingdom and many other developed countries, there is still a certain amount of air pollution released by any major industrial process. Long-term exposure to industrial air pollution can cause premature aging, as well as a host of other pollution-related conditions that are much more severe, medically speaking.  

  What Should You do to Protect Yourself

  Protecting yourself from all forms of air pollution is virtually impossible in the modern world. Take, for example, vehicular pollution. No matter how much you try to avoid it, you will sometimes have to be outdoors in areas where vehicles are operating nearby. The key, then, is limiting exposure as much as possible to prevent the cumulative effects that come with long-term exposure to air pollution. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to control the quality of the air in your home or apartment, where you spend much of your time every day. In order to do this, you will need a home air purifier.   In order to absorb the particles and gases that can cause premature aging, a combination HEPA and VOC air purifier is needed. These air purifiers use two different systems to remove multiple types of impurities from the air. HEPA systems eliminate particulate matter, while carbon or charcoal VOC systems remove organic gases, such as the hydrocarbon by-products produced by industrial processes and engine exhaust, by filtering them through a layer of chemically treated carbon filter material. Using an air purifier with both of these filtration systems will remove the majority of pollutants that cause premature aging from the air in your home.   Another option for protecting yourself comes in the form of specialized probiotic purification systems, a technology only recently introduced to the market. These probiotic systems, though they will not remove particles or gases from the air like normal filtration systems, introduce beneficial probiotics that diminish the resources of organic contaminants, thus preventing premature aging from biological sources like dust mite waste and pet dander. Ideally, using both a standard filtration system and a probiotic system will give you the best results in preventing premature aging with air purification technology.  


  Air pollution can cause premature aging in a variety of ways, and there is no realistic way to completely avoid exposure to airborne pollutants. However, with air purification technology, you can drastically reduce your exposure by keeping your home pollution free. If you want to prevent premature aging, consider upgrading the air in your home with a high-quality air purification system.   Have questions about what air purifier is best for removing air pollution in your home? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us, and we'll guide you through the process of picking out the ideal air purification system for your needs.    

Online Health Assessment: Find Out How You Can Improve Your Health

Staying healthy is no easy task. Aside from eating the right foods and getting plenty of exercise, it's important to know how various environmental factors and activities affect your life and your personal health. This is why it is so important to stay informed and to continue seeking out new information about the best ways to keep yourself in optimal physical condition. Of course, we all have busy lives, so it is even better if you can have this information provided to you quickly and easily instead of spending hours searching for it. This is why we at US Air Purifiers are so excited about a new online health assessment tool produced by Shaklee to help people improve their health by answering a few simple questions.  

  What is This Online Health Assessment and How Can it Help You?

Shaklee's new online health assessment, called Healthprint, is a simple series of questions designed to evaluate how the health of the respondent can be improved. Questions range from basic information such as height and weight to more personalized factors, such as stress levels and dietary information. The assessment also allows you to select your own goals for your health so that the results provided to you can be tailored to helping you achieve your ultimate vision of your own physical health. At the end of the assessment, you can simply enter an email address, and personalized health tips based on your customized information and goals will be sent directly to your inbox for free! These health tips will include both basic actions you can take every day to keep yourself healthy and fit at no cost, as well as economical Shaklee products and supplements that will help you to achieve your health goals.  

  Where Can You Take the Assessment?

  To take this free online health assessment, click the link below. The entire process takes about 5 minutes, and at the end you will have your personalized health plan based on your answers. If you want to improve your health and keep yourself in peak physical condition, go ahead and check out this excellent new health assessment tool.   Click Here to Take Your Free Health Assessment   

Air Pollution from Leaf Burning

Though it may not seem like it in many parts of the country now, the change of the seasons from summer to autumn is rapidly approaching. With fall come some of the most beautiful days of the year as the air becomes crisp and cool and the leaves begin to burst into an array of vibrant colors. However, the leaves themselves can become a problem for those suffering from respiratory illnesses such as asthma when burning time comes. Even though burning isn't legal everywhere (especially in larger cities), there are still many smaller cities and towns that allow residents to burn leaves and yard waste during at least some parts of the year.  

  What Kind of Air Pollution Does Leaf Burning Produce?

  Part of the reason that leaf burning is so problematic as a source of air pollution is the fact that it produces multiple types of pollution in large volumes. To begin with, there's the obvious by-product of all burning, which is smoke. Smoke, especially in the amounts that a large burn pile of fall leaves can produce, can disperse across large areas and even work its way in smaller quantities into homes and buildings. Homes that are closer to where burning is taking place can also become exposed to larger particulate pollutants. Since leaf burning always produces incomplete combustion, there are typically particulates in a wide range of different sizes present in leaf smoke. Lastly, there is the problem of people who burn things other than leaves and yard waste with their fall burning. Though this is not legal in many areas, adding things like plastics, styrofoam and other non-leaf compounds to a large fire to get rid of them is far from uncommon. Often, this can even occur completely unintentionally (when a sheet of plastic wrapping blown into a yard by wind gets accidentally raked up with the leaves, for example).   Compounding all of these problems is how ubiquitous leaf burning is in the areas where it is permitted. Often, several houses in your neighborhood will be burning at the same time during peak leaf burning season. For obvious reasons, this makes the dangers associated with smoke and free particulates all the worse. So, in order to protect yourself, it's imperative that you be able to keep these unwanted impurities out of your home. The best solution is, of course, a home air purifier.  

  What Kind of Air Purifier Do I Need to Eliminate Leaf Burning Air Pollution?

  To effectively deal with all of these different types of air pollution that can become more common during leaf burning season, a dual HEPA and VOC air purifier is needed. This is because particulate and non-particulate pollution require two very different processes to remove them from the air. Firstly, particulate impurities are removed by a HEPA filtration system, which will eliminate 99.7% of all particles greater than 0.3 microns in diameter. Next, an activated carbon filter is needed to remove gaseous compounds present in the smoke. This is done by passing the air being cleaned through a layer of activated carbon. Thanks to its porous nature, the carbon will absorb the impurities, allowing the air to come out cleaned of any organic gases.  


  If you suffer from asthma, bronchitis or other respiratory diseases, leaf burning season can be very difficult. The best way to protect yourself from the air pollution created by leaf burning is to make use of a home air purifier that will keep the air you breathe most often clean and pure.   Have questions about using combination HEPA/VOC air purifiers to keep your home healthy? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us with your questions, and we'll guide you through the process of selecting the best air purifier for your needs.

The Three Best Dorm Room Air Purifiers

With the first week of August almost gone, it's time to start thinking about the beginning of the fall college semester. This means re-establishing good study habits, getting new textbooks and, for many students, moving back into the dorms on their college or university's campus. Dorm rooms may be a great option for students who need affordable housing close to their classes, but they can also pose a concern when it comes to health and cleanliness. After all, most dorm rooms are very small and enclosed spaces, often shared with several other people. This is why a small and affordable air purifier should be on every student's list of back to school essentials. In this article, we'll cover the criteria that make for a good dorm room air purifier and share US Air Purifier's top three recommended models for college students living in dorms.  

  What Makes for a Good Dorm Room Air Purifier?

  When looking for the best dorm room air purifiers, there are three basic requirements that have to be met. The first is that the unit in question be fairly small. Since dorm rooms are not large spaces, a large-profile floor model isn't very practical for most students. Secondly, an air purifier intended for this purpose should be as near to silent as possible. Since students study in their dorm rooms, a loud humming noise from a less quiet purifier should be avoided at all costs. Lastly, a good dorm room air purifier should be inexpensive. Let's face it, college students these days are already buried up to their eyebrows in student debt and school expenses. $500 for a top of the line air purifier just isn't in the average student's budget.  

  Our Top Three Dorm Room Air Purifiers

  With all of these criteria in mind, let's take a look at three of the best options on the market for dorm room air purifiers.  

  1. AirFree T800

The T800 from AirFree is a thermal air purifier that makes use of a heating core to eliminate organic contaminants in the air. Covering an area of up to 180 square feet, the T800 is ideal for removing mold spores, bacteria, pollen and other allergens, dust mite waste and even viruses from the air around it. Since it uses a heating core instead of a filter, the unit is both small and virtually silent, making it great for dorm usage. It also comes in at the very reasonable price of $159, making it one of the least expensive air purifiers on the market.  

  2. SPT AC-2062

Another inexpensive air purifier is the AC-2062 from SPT, which comes in at only $149. This air purifier is modeled after the popular tower design often used in small-space fans. Unlike a fan, however, this unit produces very little noise. It does, however, clean the air around it extremely effectively. Covering 200 square feet, the AC-2062 is armed with a dual HEPA and carbon filtration system that eliminates not only airborne particulates but also gaseous organic impurities, such as formaldehyde and carbon dioxide.  

  3. Vortex Air Purifier Lamp

The last item on our top 3 list comes in at $289, putting it over the other two in budget. This might be a little too much for the average college student if it were not that this innovative air purifier, designed specifically with dorms and offices in mind, doubles as a high-quality LED desk lamp. Offering 175 square foot coverage, the Vortex is ideal for placing on a desk in a dorm room environment. The built-in, maintenance free air purification system removes mold spores, bacteria and other organic particulates from the air while remaining almost perfectly silent. The lamp itself is a 50,000 hour array of 42 LEDs on a dimmable control. This makes the Vortex perfect for providing both light to study by and clear air in any college dorm room.  


  Making use of a dorm room air purifier can improve the air quality in the environment of any student. Aside from simply removing everyday impurities, keeping bacteria and viruses at bay can help to keep students from contracting contagious illnesses such as colds and influenza, a common concern in dorm buildings. Whether you are a student or a parent looking to keep his or her child healthy while away at school, adding an air purifier to your back to school checklist is a good idea.   Have questions about using air purifiers to keep dorms or other spaces healthy and clean? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us with your questions and we'll guide you through the process of picking out the best air purifier for your needs.  

Maintenance Free Air Purifier Options

It's no secret that using an air purifier can greatly increase the air quality in your home or office. However, many people are still concerned with the maintenance that can come with owning an air purifier. Mostly, this maintenance consists of remembering to change your filters at the correct time. If this is your primary concern, you may be interested in our filter maintenance reminder tool, which keeps track of your required filter changes and notifies you by email when it's time to buy a new filter. However, if you truly want a maintenance free air purifier, there are several options that can help to keep your air clean without needing any routine upkeep.  

  Airfree Thermal Air Purifiers

  Among the most innovative options for a maintenance free air purifier is the line of thermal air purifiers created by Airfree. These purifiers make use of a ceramic heating core which purifiers air that is drawn through the unit via heat energy. These purifiers, which include the Onyx, Iris and Platinum models, are perfect for eliminating biological contaminants like mold spores, viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust from home air. Unlike some large and bulky air purifiers, these units are also quite small and aesthetically pleasing, featuring mood lighting to help them become an integral part of your home decor.  

  BetterAir Probiotic Sprays

  Another type of air purifier makes use of probiotic blends instead of thermal energy to create a healthier home environment. These probiotic air purifiers, an innovative creation of BetterAir, disperse a top-quality probiotic blend into the air of your home or office space. These probiotics deplete the resources of mold, dust mite waste and other biological contaminants in the air and on exposed surfaces. However, these probiotic air purifiers are not truly maintenance free, since they need a replacement bottle of probiotic blend put into them at six month intervals. What is completely maintenance free, however, is the same high-quality probiotic blend in a simple, easy to use spray bottle.

  Vortex Lamp Air Purifier

  Ideal for an office or dorm room, the Vortex air purifier lamp is a wonderful combination of a piece of practical lighting with a highly effective air purification system. Though it would appear to be little more than a very high-end desk lamp, the Vortex also contains an air purifier that will eliminate bacteria, viruses, dust, mold, pollen, and dander in a space of up to 175 square feet. The purification system is also extremely quiet, which is essential for a unit that is to be used in a work or study area in order to avoid unwanted and distracting background noise.  

  Conclusion: Should You Get a Maintenance Free Air Purifier?

  Although any one of these maintenance free air purifiers will do a good job in removing contaminants from your environment, there will always be higher-end filter options that will cover a broader range of impurities (Combination HEPA and VOC air purifiers, for example). However, if you know for a fact that you will either forget or neglect your regular maintenance on an air purifier that requires routine filter changes, a maintenance free air purifier is for you. Even though there may be better options out there in filter-based purifiers, any air purifier is better than nothing, and a filter-based purifier will eventually stop being effective if you do not change its filters as needed. A maintenance free air purifier is also a good option for someone who wants to start improving their health through clean, pure air but is working with a limited budget. Not only are all of these maintenance free air purifier options surprisingly affordable, they also eliminate the cost of purchasing replacement filters.   Do you have questions about what kind of air purifier will best suit your needs and budget? Don't worry, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us with your questions, and we'll help you to select the best air purification system for your home or office space.    

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