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US Air Purifiers LLC is a US, small business that is family owned by a female (WOSB) and a disabled, retired veteran. Our 5 Star customer customer rating and A+ BBB review among other certificates originate from our basic business philosophy, the backbone of our company; Treat each and every customer the way we want to be treated. (continue reading)

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Airfree Lotus Air Purifier Blue Image Free Shipping Airfree Lotus Air Purifier
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Pre Black Friday Savings from US Air Purifiers

With Thanksgiving now just one week away, the holiday shopping season is almost here as well. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the best days to find deals on the gifts you plan to give your friends and family, and US Air Purifiers is offering a special savings event that touches on both!   Starting on Wednesday, November 25th, customers can get in on our pre-Black Friday event by receiving a $50 coupon code with any qualifying purchase. The coupon code will deduct $50 from any future purchase made through Any home or commercial air purifier will qualify for this special coupon code, as will the Foobot home air quality monitoring system. The best part? This sale doesn't end at Black Friday, or even at Cyber Monday. In fact, it runs through the entire Thanksgiving weekend, from Wednesday the 25th until Tuesday the 1st. So, if you miss the savings on Black Friday or even on Cyber Monday, don't fret, there's still time to get your $50 coupon for a future purchase.   What can you do with that $50? Well, quite a lot. $50 will go a long way toward the purchase of the first set of replacement filters for a new air purifier, in some cases making them free to you. If you receive your $50 coupon code on the purchase of a Foobot system, it can help with the purchase of an appropriate air purifier once you have used the system to get an idea of the quality of the air in your home. Whatever you decide to put it towards, you can be sure that your $50 coupon will help you to improve the air around you and your health.   When a qualifying purchase is made, customers will receive their coupon code, which can be used at any point for any future purchase. To use the code, just type it into the comments field during checkout, and we'll take the $50 off of your purchase. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Air Purification 101: What do Different Types of Filters do?

If you are someone who is completely new to the world of using air purifiers to naturally improve your health and remove impurities from the air, it can be a bit daunting to figure out the differences between the different types of filters and purifiers. What is the difference between carbon and HEPA filtration? Do you need a medical grade filtration system, or something to keep the smell of tobacco smoke from settling into your house? These questions can be difficult to answer, and so we at US Air Purifiers have decided to put together a beginner's guide to air purification. We'll start with this post, which will cover the most basic question: what do different kinds of air purifier filters do?  


By far the most common type of filter in air purifiers, HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance. These filters are ideal for particulate matter, such as pollen, mold or dust. As such, they are the general favorite of those who suffer from allergies or asthma. These filters are made from multiple layers of filter material, and are required by law to filter at least 99.97% of particles greater than 3 microns in diameter.  


Carbon, besides being quite lovely when compressed into diamond or useful in pencils, is an excellent filtration material. This is because of the porous nature of granular carbon. Having a large surface area with many pores, a grain or carbon can absorb contaminants directly from the air during the filtration process, making it ideal for smoke and gases that HEPA filters cannot catch, being sized at the molecular level. Carbon can also be treated with various reactive chemicals that will make this type of filtration even more effective.  

  TiO2 Filtration

Those familiar with either chemistry or painting may notice that the chemical formula TiO2 (titanium dioxide) is the same chemical compound used as a pigment in most white paints. However, it has an entirely different usage when it comes to air purification. TiO2 filters are used in many hospital grade filtration systems, such as the one in the Field Controls TRIO unit, as one of many filters. This filter technology is excellent for germs, smoke and unpleasant odors.  


Usually used in conjunction with one or more other types of filtration, ionizers are devices that electrically charge molecules in the air to form ions. This causes particles in the air to attach to a grounded electrode, and also kills bacteria and viruses. Some people think that ionizers inherently produce large amounts of ozone. However, this is not true. Some, such as those used in various Bliueair models, cause no net increase in ozone in the air that is filtered.  


Air purification isn't always quite as simple as it seems. There are many different types of air purifiers that operate in many different ways. However, by understanding the uses of the various types of filtration systems, you can start to decide what will match your needs. If you need more help picking out the right air purifier, you can email us at:

US Air Purifiers Celebrates Veteran's Day

With Veteran's Day rapidly approaching, we at US Air Purifiers would like to take the opportunity to say "thank you" to the brave men and women who put their lives on the line each and every day in the line of duty. As always, veterans can take advantage of our military discount program.   Being owned by a military family, one member of which retired as a disabled veteran after 30 years of service, US Air Purifiers understands the sacrifices that military personnel make. In recognition of this, we offer a 5% discount on all products to those who have served in the military. This discount, however, does not stop there. In fact, we not only include both active and retired members of the military, but family members as well. We realize that families, just as much as active military personnel, have to endure hardships. This extended discount program is our way of thanking military families for all of the days and nights spent with one or more family members away at base or even overseas.   To take advantage of this great discount, simply enter the coupon code "military 5" at checkout. The 5% will be taken off of the purchase price automatically. You may be contacted by email and asked to verify your military status. Remember, this is not a special promotion, but a program that we offer 365 days a year for veterans and their families. So, say "thank you" to someone who was served, and have a happy Veteran's Day!

Blueair Pro Series Arrives at US Air Purifiers

At US Air Purifiers, we are always doing our best to bring our customers the top air purifiers to help improve the quality of the air they breathe. Of course, we already have many great models to choose from, but it's still great to be able to offer something new and innovative. This is why we are so pleased to be able to offer the Blueair Pro Series, a line of quiet and efficient home air purifiers. These units offer a great degree of versatility and functionality when it comes to cleaning up the air in your home. In this brief article, we'll take a look at the advantages and features of these great air purifiers.  

  Advantages of the Blueair Pro Series

  The Blueair Pro line of air purifiers are designed for optimal air cleaning efficiency. While many air purifiers cycle the air in a given space only one or two times per hour, these units manage an impressive five cycles every hour. Each of the units in this series is also very quiet, making them ideal for people who do not like the background noise generated by many air purifiers.   Boasting a 2 stage HEPA filtration system, the Blueair Pro series filters particulate matter out of the air at an efficiency rate of 99.97%. This allows for the filtration of all major airborne irritants, including pollen, mold spores, bacteria, dust, dander, and inorganic particulates. In addition, a Smokestop filter can be added to the unit in order to filter out gaseous impurities such as tobacco smoke and VOCs. The addition of the Smokestop filter is highly recommended for those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory illnesses, as it limits gaseous impurities that will increase the chance of an asthma attack. Adding this extra filter turns the Blueair Pro series units into a comprehensive air purification system.  

  Blueair Pro Series Models

  The Blueair Pro series comes in 3 different models, though each one offers all of the features described above. Each is designed to cover a different sized area. The 3 models are as follows:
  • Blueair Pro M: Covers 390 square feet. Ideal for bedrooms, dorms, or small studio apartments. Starting at $699
  • Blueair Pro L: Covers 780 square feet. Great for medium sized (2 bedroom) apartments and small homes. Starting at $1,099
  • Blueair Pro XL: Covers 1180 square feet. Great for larger apartments and medium sized homes. Also very functional for central living areas of larger homes. Starting at $2,499.


  The new Pro series from Blueair is one of the best lines of home air purifiers on the market today. With quiet operation, high energy efficiency, and the ability to filter both particulate and gaseous impurities (with the optional Smokestop filter), these units can clean up the air you and your family breathe without undue noise or high utility bills.

The Best Air Purifiers for Fall Allergies

When most people think of autumn, they generally think of colorful leaves, cool days, and almost every food product imaginable being offered in an apple or pumpkin variety. One thing that doesn't leap to mind as one of the pleasant indicators that fall has arrived, however, is the harshness of fall allergies. Unfortunately, though, fall allergies can be just as bad as spring allergies, if not worse. In this article, we'll take a look at what causes fall allergies, who is affected by them, and some of the best air purifiers to use to prevent them.  

  A Few Quick Facts About Fall Allergies

Before we look at how to prevent fall allergies, we must first understand what causes them. During the fall season, much like in the spring, many types of weeds create pollen for reproduction. In the fall, this includes ragweed, one of the most common allergens. Ragweed pollen has long been known as a leading cause of allergic rhinitis, better know by most people as hay fever. The pollen of various species of ragweed is, in large part, what makes fall allergies so serious. In addition to being more likely to cause an allergic reaction in people who are not normally prone to them, ragweed also grows in dry and even desert regions. Some people assume that a dry climate will mean no pollen allergies. While this is true of many types of pollen, ragweed pollen is still common even in the driest places in North America.  

  Using an Air Purifier to Prevent Fall Allergies

Unfortunately, there isn't much to be done about the fact that pollen will be present in outside air during the autumn months. Indoor air, however, is much easier to control. By using even a small air purifier in your house or apartment, you can greatly reduce your exposure to airborne pollen, thus limiting the frequency and severity of allergic reactions. Here are a few of our picks for the best air purifiers for preventing fall allergies:   Field Controls TRIO: When it comes to home air purifiers, it doesn't get very much better than the Field Controls TRIO. The TRIO is a portable air purifier with a hospital grade purification system. This unit does a great job of removing not only pollen, but also mold spores, inorganic particulates, germs, and VOCs.   Rabbit BioGS 2.0: Featuring a HEPA filtration system, the BioGS 2.0 from Rabbit Air is ideal for pollen and organic particulates. The ultra quiet and aesthetically pleasing unit will fit nicely into almost any room, and is perfect for someone wishing to control asthma and or allergies.   Airfree units: While small, Airfree's line of affordable, compact and decorative air purifiers are excellent for bedrooms and small apartments. These units make use of a thermal purification system that heats organic compounds in the air to almost 400 degrees using a ceramic heating core, thus neutralizing them.  


  If you suffer from fall allergies, a home air purifier is a must. Aside from simply reducing the likelihood of allergic reactions, using an air purifier will make the air you and your family breathe cleaner and healthier. Even a small and inexpensive unit will help with allergies by removing pollen from the air, but the higher end units, such as the Field Controls TRIO, are the best options for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Our customers enjoy the best of both worlds: Large business advantage of lowest prices and highest quality offering a wide array of air purifier and air filter brands, plus the Small business advantage of outstanding customer service, free shipping, specials, and tips catered to your interest.

If you don't see the brand or item that you need, please contact us. We display the most popular brands; however, with our wide realm of resources we have the ability to offer numerous other home comfort products for the home and/ office.

With a disabled, retired veteran as part ownership of US Air Purifiers LLC, we frequently work directly with government agencies, government contracts and military personnel. We take great care in following the needs of our customers to assure their purchases go smoothly for them.

Lastly, we are different than our competitors because we take extra care to assure your information is secure and what we show on our site is accurate. GeoTrust,, TrustGuard, BBB, Shopper Approved, Doctor Trusted are just a few ways that we go above and beyond the traditional security and customer service measures.

Some of our most popular brands are Austin Air, Rabbit Air, Blue Air, NQ Industries, Airfree, Allerair, Sunpentown, Whirlpool, Electrocorp, Vortex Desk Lamp, and Airpura. Our product line consist of but is not limited to the following home comfort products: air purifiers, air purifier filters, humidifiers, and portable air conditioners.

Thank you for shopping with us -- Barb & Dick Lulay

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