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Melting snow can trigger snow mold allergies

     Early-spring allergies don't just come from pollinating trees and grasses. They can start up even before the trees have regained their leaves and the grass has started growing again. If you live in an area that got a lot of snow this winter and you're experiencing allergy symptoms earlier than usual, there may be an unexpected culprit: snow mold.

     Snow mold makes its home in the pockets of dampness on the ground that occur when accumulated snow begins to melt but still covers the ground. Damp, dead grass covered with snow provides ideal nourishment for the fungus. Once the snow has completely melted, the mold's spores begin to be released into the air, which is what causes allergic reactions in people with mold allergies.

     There are two main types of snow mold: gray and pink. Gray snow mold grows mainly on blades of grass, while the pink version attacks the roots and crowns of the plant and takes on a sickly bright pink color as it develops.

     To avoid letting snow mold form on your lawn, there are several things you can do this spring. One is to break up any remaining snow banks once the snow starts to melt, allowing them to melt faster and avoiding letting the snow cover the damp ground. If you have to rake up debris from the lawn this spring and you know you have mold allergies, wearing a simple face mask can help you get through the task without triggering allergic symptoms.

     If you suffer from allergies in the spring, one of the best things you can do for yourself is invest in a home air purifier. For help finding the best air purifier for allergies, contact US Air Purifiers today. 

Air pollution linked to anxiety, study finds

According to a new study from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, air pollution may have psychological effects as well as physical ones. It has long been known that air pollution is linked to a host of physical ailments, but the study of whether it can affect mental health is relatively new. The researchers wanted to investigate whether there could be a link between living in polluted areas and experiencing elevated levels of symptoms related to anxiety.

To investigate this question, the researchers looked at data from the 2004 Nurses' Health Study, a widespread survey of the health of female registered nurses in the U.S. Looking at data from 71,271 women, they found that those who were exposed to higher levels of fine particulate pollution were more likely to report often experiencing three symptoms associated with anxiety, including "fearfulness", "desire for avoidance" and "tendency to worry". Specifically, women who lived between 50 and 200 meters from a major road and were therefore exposed to more vehicle-generated pollution reported higher levels of anxious symptoms than women who lived more than 200 meters away.

Lead researcher Melinda Power of Johns Hopkins, who was employed by Harvard at the time of the study, cautioned that the results were only preliminary. She suggested that some of the anxiety symptoms found in women who lived by major roadways could be attributed to other forms of pollution, like constant noise.

"But it's an interesting finding. And studies need to look further into the association between air pollution and mental health," Power said in a statement.

To protect yourself and your family from the effects of air pollution, consider investing in a home air purifier. Contact us today for help finding the right air purifier for you. 

5 top allergy myths

     It can be frustrating to teach people about your allergies because there are so many myths out there on the subject. Some of these myths are harmless, but others can actually cause harm by encouraging people to try out treatments that don't work. Here are some of the biggest myths about allergies you'll come across:

  • You should move to a desert area to avoid allergens. Not only do deserts contain pollen-producing plants just like wooded areas, but moving from one place to another can exacerbate your allergy symptoms by exposing you to allergens your body isn't used to.
  • You shouldn't give a person with allergies a bouquet. Cut flowers very seldom trigger allergic reactions, so they're fine to keep in the home even if you have allergies to other types of pollen. It's the living trees and weeds that are constantly emitting pollen during the spring that cause the majority of seasonal allergies.
  • Local honey is a natural cure for pollen allergies. Again, most of the pollen that ends up in local honey is not the same as the pollen that causes the majority of seasonal allergies. A 2013 study proved that eating honey has no effect on allergy symptoms.
  • People can outgrow their allergies. This is mostly wishful thinking, as allergies, especially hay fever, tend to stay with a person for their entire life. In a Swedish study, 99 percent of patients with hay fever reported still having it 12 years later.
  • Allergies only develop in childhood. Unfortunately, even if you escaped having allergy symptoms as a child, you can still develop new allergies as an adult, especially upon moving to a new area.

     To shop for an air purifier with allergies, browse the selection at US Air Purifiers today. 

Climate change-related pollution worsens spring allergies

     According to a study presented at the American Chemical Society's annual meeting, if you seem to be having worse seasonal allergies than usual this year, it's not just all in your head. The culprit is the same as the one that brought us the warmest winter on record this year: global climate change and the pollution that comes along with it. The study found that two pollutants associated with global warming, ozone and nitrogen dioxide, actually change the chemical composition of pollen, making it more allergenic.

     Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Germany used computer simulations and laboratory tests to see what would happen when they combined ozone and nitrogen dioxide with a particular type of allergen found in birch pollen. As it turns out, all three of the substances work together to create a potent allergenic cocktail. Ozone was found to cause structural changes in the proteins of the allergen, allowing it to bond with nitrogen dioxide in the air. Nitrogen dioxide is known to increase immune response, worsening allergic reactions. The altered allergens can also bond with each other, creating larger, hyper-potent molecules.

     Study co-author Ulrich Pöschl hopes that the results will motivate people to think about how human activity may be affecting our health worldwide.

     "Humans are not just affecting but shaping the environment … it's actually unreasonable to assume that it would not affect humans with our highly delicate immune system. That's the background motivation for these kinds of studies," Pöschl said at the conference. 

     If you have seasonal allergies, now is the time to invest in a home air purifier to help yourself manage your symptoms. Contact us for help finding an air purifier for allergies

4 natural remedies for spring allergies

     Many of us face the spring armed with over-the-counter allergy medications, only to end up either too drowsy to function or still handling lingering allergy symptoms. For an extra boost of prevention this season, it can help to turn to natural remedies. These aren't just old wives' tales — these remedies have undergone clinical trials and have been proven to work. Here are a few to try out this season:

  • Butterbur. The rather strange-looking butterbur plant has historically been used to treat aches and pains, as well as providing large leaves to wrap butter in on the trip to market. Now, butterbur is commonly used as an antihistamine, either in tea or in tablet form, after a 2002 study confirmed that it was as effective as many over-the-counter allergy drugs.
  • Apple cider vinegar. Mix some apple cider vinegar into water and lemon juice to break up the mucus that can cause runny noses and sinus headaches during allergy season. It's also a good source of potassium.
  • Eucalyptus oil. Breathing in the vapors from just a few drops of eucalyptus oil can help open the airways by reducing inflammation, bringing relief for breathing problems brought on by allergies or asthma. Rub the oil on your chest or keep it in a small bowl to breathe in when you get congested.
  • A hot shower. The simplest of natural remedies, a hot shower creates steam to clear your sinuses and cleans potentially triggering allergens off your body, so take a shower as soon as you get in the house to keep your home allergen-free.

     Investing in a HEPA air purifier is another good strategy for keeping spring allergies at bay. Contact us for more information about HEPA air purifiers. 

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