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Harvard study points to links between smog and autism

     The question of what causes autism to develop in children is one of the biggest mysteries of our time, and one recent study conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that one of the culprits may be that ubiquitous influence that has been associated with almost all of the most common health defects -- air pollution. 

     Lead researcher Marc Weisskopf and his team looked at a data set of over 116,000 women who participated in a monitoring study starting in 1989 and cross-checked the data with environmental readings from air pollution stations in their home areas. They found that among women who gave birth between 1990 and 2002 in the US, those who were exposed to the highest levels of air pollution doubled their chances of giving birth to a child on the autism spectrum. If the air pollution exposure occurred during the third trimester, the fetuses had an even higher chance of eventually developing autism, which corresponds to the tremendous amount of brain growth and development that takes place during those three months.

     Of course, this still doesn't prove that air pollution alone is responsible for autism, but the fact that airborne pollutant exposure only had an effect on autism rates during pregnancy adds to the growing body of evidence that air pollution may contribute to the development of autism. ""That helps rule out a lot of other factors that could explain the association," Weisskopf told the US News and World Report.

     If you live in an area, such as Southern California, where air pollution is rampant, you may want to look into purchasing a home air purifier to protect your health and that of any future children. Contact US Air Purifiers for advice today. 

Study shows communication lacking on work-related asthma

     Work-related asthma is a serious and often under-addressed issue in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 9 percent of asthma cases in the US are estimated to have been caused or worsened by workplace air conditions. This means that for 1.4 million adults, their job is the place where they are least able to breathe comfortably. Several states, including Massachusetts, California, Washington, Michigan, New York and New Jersey, have implemented monitoring programs to track cases of work-related asthma.

     However, a new study by the CDC suggests that there is still a communication issue surrounding this problem, namely that workers are not reporting that their asthma may be work-related to their doctors. Doctors, in turn, are generally not talking to their patients about work-related asthma risks.

     By reviewing data collected in the 2006 to 2010 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Asthma Call-Back Survey, the CDC researchers determined that 9.1 percent of workers with asthma had ever been told by their doctor that their asthma might be job-related. Only 11 percent reported to their doctor themselves that they thought their asthma might have to do with their job. This means that the 9 percent figure may be much smaller than the real numbers, since only 14.7 percent of working adult asthmatics have ever had a conversation with a doctor about work-related asthma at all. 

     What does this mean for the average person with asthma? If you have never had a conversation with your doctor regarding factors at work that could be worsening your asthma symptoms, there's no better time than the present. For business owners, you can reduce the risk of your employees developing work-related lung problems by installing one of US Air Purifiers' high-quality office air purifiers

US Air Purifiers announcement: Sales on popular brands will continue through Christmas

     If you're in the market for an affordable home or business air purifier this holiday season, you're in luck! Due to customer demand, we have decided to keep sales on popular air purifiers and humidifiers going all the way through Christmas. Brands on sale include Austin Air air purifiers, Airfree air purifiers and Sunpentown humidifiers.

     As the owner of US Air Purifiers, Barb Lulay would like to emphasize her commitment to providing options for families like hers to take control of their health outcomes.

     "Growing up, my parents taught me many important life lessons," she says. "Money was often tight. However, my parents never skimped on our education or our health. They always found a way to help for the important priorities in life."

     To us, this sale doesn't just represent a financial opportunity, but a chance to give families like ours the opportunity to invest in health technology for less. 

     Purchasing an air purifier can be one of the best possible moves for your family's health -- the average person spends 90 percent of his or her time inside, and indoor air quality can be two to five times worse than outdoor air quality. Poor air quality has been linked to diseases from asthma to cancer, and has been shown to decrease test scores and worker productivity. 

     For Lulay, her business is a calling, and she wants to share that with her customers. "We always treat our customers the way we want to be treated: that is with respect and honesty."

     To take advantage of these holiday discounts, visit our online store or contact us for more information on affordable air purifiers to help protect your family against air pollution and manage allergies and asthma. 

Israeli study suggests environmental sampling stations not accurate enough for asthmatic children

      Prof. Elizabeth Fireman, of Tel Aviv University and the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, is one of the world's experts on pulmonary disease, and her knowledge has been forged in the wreckage of disaster. In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, Prof. Fireman flew to New York to perform a then-unfamiliar test on firefighters who had developed the chronic, damaging "WTC cough" after working in the rubble.

      The test, called "Induced Sputum" or IS, involves administering a dose of hypertonic saline that produces a mucus-like expectorate, which can then be analyzed for its toxic particle content. This method allowed for much easier and less invasive testing of firefighters' lungs than the alternative, bronchioscopy, which involves inserting a fiber-optic scope into the lungs. Prof. Fireman found that the WTC firefighters had elevated levels of toxic metals like mercury in their lungs, and now she has turned this tool toward the study of an equally vulnerable group — asthmatic children.

     She and her team studied the induced sputum of 136 asthmatic children between two and 12 years old in Tel Aviv and compared them to the findings of rooftop pollution stations in the same area. Her findings were concerning — she found that the chemicals found in the children's lungs didn't match what the pollution stations were reporting for the same period of time, indicating that the stations were not collecting accurate enough data to determine the physiological effects of air pollution on these children.

     "We have found that environmental monitoring is not enough. You need a biomonitoring technique, like IS, which is a more physiologically sensitive," said Fireman.

     If you find that the air pollution data in your area isn't accurate to your asthma symptoms, you can still take control of your health by ordering a portable air purifier. Contact US Air Purifiers for more information.

Exercise with asthma: it's possible!

     If you have asthma, you probably know how difficult it is to keep up a healthy exercise regimen without triggering constant attacks. According to the Washington Post, about 90 percent of adult asthma sufferers experience a troublesome symptom called exercise-induced bronchoconstriction, where the airways suddenly constrict during vigorous exercise.

     However, asthma experts want to reassure you that even though exercise may be made more difficult by asthma symptoms, it is possible with careful management and consultation with your doctor. Ten percent of Olympic athletes from the US have asthma, and doctors actually recommend exercise as a way to reduce the symptoms of everyday asthma because it works to slowly increase the capacity of the lungs, making everyday activities less likely to trigger an attack.

     According to senior advisor to the American Lung Association Dr. Albert Rizzo, "if you know your initial potential triggers when you go about exercise and know how to manage them, that's all you need to do." 

     Here are some expert tips to help you work up a sweat without causing an asthma attack:

  • Find the right sport for you: Sports that only require short, intense periods of physical exertion, like gymnastics and baseball, are popular choices for asthmatics, but sports that involve extended periods of exertion are possible as well with the right awareness and treatment.
  • Medicate ahead of time: Taking a dose of medication before beginning to exercise is effective in preventing attacks later on. 
  • Know your triggers: If you know that every time you work out in cold air, or every time you run uphill, you end up having an attack, simply avoiding those situations is the best way to allow yourself to exercise without worry.

     If you're looking for help controlling your asthma symptoms at home, contact US Air Purifiers for advice on affordable air purifiers for the home. 

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Some of our most popular brands are Austin Air, Rabbit Air, Blue Air, NQ Industries, Airfree, Allerair, Sunpentown, Whirlpool, Electrocorp, Vortex Desk Lamp, and Airpura. Our product line consist of but is not limited to the following home comfort products: air purifiers, air purifier filters, humidifiers, and portable air conditioners.

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