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Voltage Transformer DS750

Model: DS750
SKU: ds750-pt-us1281
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Voltage transformer DS750 is a top of the line, heavy duty voltage converter that can be used with most air purifiers with wattage up to 260 watts so you can enjoy healthy air anywhere in the world.

The independent voltage transformer (voltage converter) can be used on virtually any air purifier where the wattage is less than 260 watts.  Now you can convert virtually any of our quality 110V air purifiers like Blueair, Rabbit Air, Whirlpool, Sunpentown, & Airfree to 220V simply by using this external transformer.  

The transformer can function as a step up or step down converter and can be used anywhere in the world.  The multi-function plug allows all types of plugs to be used in the 220V socket.