EnviroKlenz Mobile Air Purifier

Model: EG327-0250-00EK(alm)/ED327-0250-TNGR(gry)/ED327-0250-TNBL(blk)/EG327-0250-00EK(wht)
SKU: env-ap-us1338
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Coverage for 800 sqft (5 air changes an hour). EnviroKlenz mobile air purifier system is a high quality air purifier that offers top quality HEPA filtration along with a unique, patented cartridge that focuses on optimal VOC and odor filtration. 5 Year Warranty. Easy filter access, convenient wheels, no bright lights, and simple dial control makes the air purifier very user friendly. Personalize with a wide array of colors, logo, image or photo. Upgrade and add 3 Bonus VOC cartridges so you are prepared for the full year.
$650.00 to $850.00