BSE-AIRMAX Air Filtration - Commercial Air Cleaner, Air Purifier, Air Scrubber

Model: A-2500
SKU: bse-ap-us1547
Ozone Free: Certified UL 867 / UL 2998
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BSE-AIRMAX Filtration - Commercial Air Cleaner, Air Purifier, Air Scrubber, features 2500 delivered CFM can be conveniently hung or wall mounted to offer excellent HEPA Plus Ionization purification in any commercial space.  This is a proven patented technology that delivers clean indoor air that is safe and healthy.

The quality HEPA filters provides “active” filtration of the dirty air passing through them, while the NPBI® technology (Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization) projects ions via the exhaust air to provide “passive” air filtration outside of the unit. The ions produced travel within the air stream into the occupied spaces, cleaning the air everywhere the ions travel, even in spaces unseen.  All without harmful levels of ozone.

Color is Blue. 

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