Top Air Purifier Brands: Your Guide to the Leading Manufacturers

Here at the US Air Purifiers blog, we’ve done many posts highlighting the features of individual air purifiers and groups of air purifiers for specific uses. What we haven’t yet done, however, is a comprehensive guide to our leading manufacturers. Each company that makes air purification systems is a little different and offers different features. If you’re having trouble deciding what brand you should choose, this post is for you. Here’s our guide to our top air purifier brands and what makes them special.




Airfree is one of the most interesting air purifier brands because of its approach to making its units. Unlike traditional air purifiers, Airfree models use heated ceramic cores instead of filters to remove impurities from the air. This makes Airfree purifiers silent, compact and excellent for removing contaminants such as mold spores, pollen, viruses and bacteria. It also has the added advantage of making them completely maintenance-free, as opposed to traditional units that require filter changes from time to time. Though not well-suited for large spaces, Airfree units are great for bedrooms, apartments and other small spaces.


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  Next in the line of our top air purifier brands is Airpura, a company that specializes in deep-cleaning units for larger spaces (up to 2,000 square feet). Airpura manufacturers many different models in order to meet the needs of different customers. Some use HEPA filters to eliminate particles, while others feature large carbon beds to remove VOCs, odors and gases. For customers who need medical-grade protection from viruses and bacteria, Airpura also makes a UV units that will neutralize a wide variety of pathogens.


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  Like Airpura, AllerAir is a company defined by the wide selection of different units it offers to its customers. Models from this air purifier brand include features such as UV lights, medical-grade HEPA filters and high-volume carbon filters. Though most of AllerAir’s models are made for larger spaces, the AirMed series includes small-space air purifiers that are perfect for individual rooms and some studio apartments.


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  A maker of both residential and commercial air purifiers, Amaircare is one of the most popular air purifier brands we have the pleasure of offering to our customers. Part of what sets Amaircare apart from some other air purifier brands is its use of all-metal enclosures for its consumer units. Amaircare models also offer such useful features as dual HEPA and carbon filtration, filter change indicator lights and 360-degree intake. This brand is also favored by many customers for its cost effectiveness, as it offers purifiers for larger spaces at some of the most competitive price points on the market.


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blueair 211 air purifier

 One of the leading air purifier brands in the consumer space, Blueair’s line of models offers both quality and value. From small units like the Blueair 211 to the Pro XL, these air purifiers deliver top performance. Blueair models are primarily based on HEPA purification and do an excellent job of removing particulates from spaces of various sizes. An air quality monitor, the Blueair Aware, can also be used to complement these units and give real-time insights into your home air quality.


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Field Controls

  Although Field Controls does not offer the wide array of different models some air purifier brands do, its flagship TRIO unit is one of the best air purifiers on the market. Offering medical-grade filtration, the Field Controls TRIO eliminates dust, dander, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, gases, odors, pollen and most other common contaminants. If you’re looking for a hospital-grade unit that you can use at home, Field Controls is one of the options you should definitely have on your list.


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  Our most recent addition, IQAir, offers some of the quietest, most effective air purifiers out there at the moment. Designed specifically for sound dampening, these models operate at extremely low volume levels. At the same time, IQAir sets itself apart from other top air purifier brands with its HyperHEPA filters capable of removing particles as small as 0.003 microns in diameter.


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Rabbit Air

  Last, but most certainly not least, comes Rabbit Air. Rabbit manufacturers the BioGS 2.0 and Minus A2, two of the most popular air purifiers for consumer-level use. These units offer a combination of HEPA and carbon filtration, as well as quiet operation. Better still, both are compact enough to be used even in rooms without much extra space. The Minus A2 can even be wall mounted and comes with a side mood light to make it more aesthetically pleasing.


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Still Need Help Choosing Between the Top Air Purifier Brands?


With so many great brands available, we know it can be hard to choose just one. That’s why we’re happy to answer any question you may have about the air purifiers we carry. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll help you pick out the right air purifier for your personal needs.