The 12 Best Air Purifiers For 2017

With New Year’s just around the corner, we at US Air Purifiers would like to wish you a happy 2017. In honor of the new year, we’ve put together a list of the 12 best air purifiers to have in the coming year, one for each month of 2017. These air purifiers will help to remove harmful contaminants and keep you and your family healthy in the new year.


  1. Field Controls TRIO


Best air purifiers of 2017 2

  A 4-stage medical grade air purifier, the Field Controls TRIO is one of the best air purifiers available on the consumer market. This system, which utilizes HEPA, VOC, UV and metal catalyst filtration, will remove practically any contaminant and leave the air in your home clean and pure. The Field Controls TRIO comes available in a 110 or 220 volt format.


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   2. Airfree Lotus

Best air purifiers of 2017 1

   One of only a few maintenance-free air purifiers on the market, the Airfree Lotus uses a ceramic thermal core to destroy organic contaminants in the air by heating them within a small space. This process neutralizes pollen, bacteria, dust mite waste and even viruses, all without requiring filter changes or other maintenance. In addition, the Lotus offers changeable mood lighting, making it an aesthetically pleasing part of your home decor.


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   3.  Blueair Pro L


Best air purifiers of 2017 3

Blueair has always been known as a manufacturer of some of the best air purifiers available. The Pro series is no exception to this. This unit, which covers a total of 780 square feet, can be used to target particulate or gaseous contaminants through the use of different filters. This purifier is also extremely quiet and energy efficient, making it excellent for those who want to use an air purifiers in their bedroom or in the main room of their home without annoying background noise.


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   4. Amaircare 3000 HEPA Air Purifier


Best air purifiers of 2017 4

   For eliminating common particulate impurities such as mold, dander, pollen and pet hair, it is difficult to beat Amaircare’s 3000 HEPA model. This air purifier will cover up to 1,700 square feet, making it perfect for whole-home air purification in all but the largest houses. This model features a silent mode, variable fan speeds and easy-to-use electronic controls that can be found on its front panel. The 3000 model is also built extremely well, featuring a durable all-metal casing.


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  5. Austin Air Healthmate Plus


Best air purifiers of 2017 5

   Offering both VOC and HEPA filtration, the Austin Air Healthmate Plus is one of the most budget-friendly options for eliminating both particulate matter and gaseous impurities in large spaces. This air purifier will clean air in spaces of up to 1,500 square feet using its specialized 4-stage filtration process. The Healthmate Plus also features all-steel construction, casters for easy mobility, 360 degree air intake and multiple fan speeds.


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   6. Airpura UV600


Best air purifiers of 2017 6

  Like the Field Controls TRIO, the Airpura UV600 offers HEPA and VOC filtration with a UV lamp to eliminate germs and viruses that would otherwise pass through normal filters. This makes it one of the best air purifiers in the consumer market for removing biological impurities from the air. The UV600 also offers a very high cleaning capacity, as it is able to purify air in spaces of up to 2,000 square feet.


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  7. Rabbit Air Minus A2 SPA-700A


Best air purifiers of 2017 8

   Because our mission here at US Air Purifiers is to provide clean air to as many people as we can, we understand that some air purifiers are not within everyone’s price range. That is why we proudly carry the Rabbit Air Minus A2 series of air purifiers, which are both budget-friendly and loaded with great features. The SPA-700A model covers 700 square feet and will eliminate both particulate matter and some odors and VOCs.


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  8. BetterAir BA-008


Best air purifiers of 2017 9

Not all air purification systems work by removing contaminants from the air. The BetterAir BA-008 uses a revolutionary probiotic blend that is dispersed into the air to create a more balanced ecosystem throughout your home. This probiotic blend promotes overall health and also helps to keep your home cleaner without any additional effort on your part.


*Update: No Longer Available*

  9. Amaircare Roomaid Portable Air Purifier


  Best air purifiers of 2017 10

    Amaircare’s Roomaid portable air purifier is one of the best small-space air purifiers on the market today. With an overall capacity of 300 square feet and a 360 degree air intake, the Roomaid is ideal for spaces such as bedrooms, offices and college dorm rooms. The Amaircare Roomaid also features durable all-metal construction and a high efficiency 2-speed fan. The Roomaid offers both HEPA and VOC filtration, making it an excellent budget option for anyone wanting comprehensive protection from harmful pollutants.

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  10. AllerAir Airmedic Pro 5 Vocarb


Best air purifiers 2017 11

      Offered by AllerAir, the Airmedic Pro 5 model is a high-quality dual air purifier capable of removing both particulates and VOCs. In the case of the Airmedic, however, the focus is much more on gaseous contaminants, which this unit eliminates using a 4-inch activated carbon filter. The AllerAir Airmedic will cover up to 1,500 square feet, meaning that it will purify the air in most residential homes. Different models of the Airmedic are also available, including models equipped with UV lamps.


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  11. SPT Tower Air Cleaner


Best air purifiers of 2017 12

  Another budget-friendly option for smaller spaces, the Sunpentown (SPT) tower air cleaner is a vertical HEPA and VOC air purifier that is capable of handling spaces of up to 200 square feet. This makes it perfect for either offices or bedrooms. This purifier is also equipped with an ionizer that can further help to reduce common particulates.


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   Whatever your needs, we at US Air Purifiers carry one of the best selections of air cleaning systems available. Whether you are looking for a small-space purifier or a whole-home system, we have the right models for you. Have questions about what models best meet your needs? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Simply contact us with your questions, and we’ll be happy to guide you through our inventory of the best air purifiers on the market.