Indoor Air Quality Meters: Three Options for Tracking Your Home Air

One of the most important aspects of cleaning up the air in your home is knowing what contaminants are in it in the first place. For this, you’ll need an indoor air quality monitor that can track your air quality and help you measure the effectiveness of your air purifier. Here are the three indoor air quality meters we offer at US Air Purifiers and what each one can do to help you make sense of your air quality.




The Foobot indoor air quality meter measures VOC and particulate matter content in home air. Using a color-coded light on the unit itself, the Foobot will then tell you what the overall quality of your home air is. In addition to this color-coding system, the Foobot can transmit specific data about your air, along with suggestions for improving it, to your smartphone via a mobile app. In addition to contaminant levels, the Foobot also measures carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature.


 Blueair Aware


The Blueair Aware is a monitor that is meant to be paired with Blueair’s New Classic Series line of high-quality residential air purifiers. When paired with one of these purifiers, the Aware will not only give you much of the same data as the Foobot but also use a WiFi connection capability to adjust the purifier to improve your air quality in real-time. If you don’t own a compatible BlueAir unit, though, this indoor air quality meter can also be used independently.


  IQAir AirVisual Pro


Rounding out our list of air quality monitors is the AirVisual Pro from IQAir. Like the Blueair Aware, the AirVisual Pro is made to be used in conjunction with a WiFi enabled air purifier, in this case from IQAir’s line of high-quality units. The AirVisual Pro uses AI-powered predictive analytics to keep the air in your home as clean as possible at all times. It is also capable of storing up to five years of your air quality data, allowing you to track changes over long periods of time and gain deeper insights into what affects the air in your home.


If you have questions about which indoor air quality meter is right for you, feel free to contact us for answers and personalized recommendations. We can also help you select the right air purifier for your home based on its size and your needs.