Buyer Beware: What You Need to Know About Fake Air Purifier Filters

These days, more people are buying air purifiers and filters online than ever before. While the internet has given countless people access to air cleaning products, it also hosts a huge number of fake and knockoff products. Recently, a blog post from IQAir highlighted the problem of fake air purifier filters, inspiring us to take a closer look at the issue for our readers. Here’s what you need to know about fake air purifier filters and how you can make sure you’re getting the genuine article.


  Why Are Fake Air Purifier Filters a Problem?


While they may look very similar, fake filters are often very inferior to the real brand equivalents. Usually, knock-off filters include less filter material and therefore don’t remove contaminants from the air as efficiently. This means you’re breathing in more of the contaminants the filter should be removing and defeating the purpose of having an air purifier in the first place.


  Where Might You Get Fake Filters?


Unfortunately, it’s fairly easy to find fake products online, even when you’re shopping on large E-commerce sites. A 2018 report by the General Accounting Office, for example, found counterfeit goods listed on eBay, Amazon,, NewEgg and the Sears Marketplace. While it should be understood that these companies themselves weren’t selling the counterfeit products, the ability of third parties to sell products in their marketplaces did allow fake goods to end up on these large, trusted sites. With this said, you could potentially find yourself looking at knockoff air purifier filters anytime you’re buying from a third-party seller on a major platform.


  How to Spot a Fake


The tricky thing about counterfeit goods online is that there are plenty of legitimate sellers mixed in with the bad actors. There are often a few telltale signs that a product is probably a fake, such as a price tag that is vastly below what other sellers are offering or a model number being listed that doesn’t correspond to the actual brand’s numbering system. If you want to be sure, though, it’s always best to buy only from vendors who are official dealers associated with the filter brand you’re buying.


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