Best Air Purifiers 2020: 20 Great Units to Start Off the New Decade

One of the most common problems people run into when they decide to buy an air purifier is figuring out which model is best for them. Now that we’re well and truly into 2020, we thought it would be a good idea to give our readers a rundown of some of the top air purifiers you can find on the market this year. Here are our picks for 20 of the best air purifiers for 2020 and beyond. If you’ve been planning to buy an air purifier in the new year but haven’t been sure where to start, this article is for you!


Note: Because different air purifiers may be better for different applications, this list is not presented in any specific order.


Airpura R600

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One of the most popular models we carry here at US Air Purifiers is the Airpura R600. This model is meant for all-purpose protection from a wide range of common household contaminants and can be used in spaces of up to 2,000 square feet. With 40 square feet of HEPA filtration material and an 18-pound carbon canister, the R600 is a great solution for achieving all around cleaner air in your home. Learn more about the Airpura R600 here.



Airfree Iris

As a filterless air purifier, the Airfree Iris offers convenient, user-friendly filtration for spaces of up to 650 square feet. This unit uses a thermal ceramic core to neutralize or remove dust, dander, pollen, mold spores, bacteria and even viruses in home air. Also includes aesthetic mood lighting that makes it a handsome addition to any room. Learn more about the Airfree Iris here.


IQAir HealthPro Plus

If you’re looking for strong protection from dust, dander, pollen and other particulates, the IQAir HealthPro plus may be a good option for you. Using IQAir’s HyperHEPA technology, this air purifier can remove up to 99.5 percent of particles larger than 0.003 microns. Covers up to 1,125 square feet and utilizes sound dampening design for quiet operation. Learn more about the IQAir HealthPro Plus Here.


Amaircare 3000 VOC

One of the most popular air purifiers we offer, the Amaircare 3000 VOC is a combination HEPA and carbon filtered unit that covers up to 1,800 square feet. As a result of its dual filters, the 3000 VOC is a great all-around air purifier that can tackle pollen, dust, mold spores, odors, gases and VOCs effectively. It is also designed with all-metal construction for maximum durability and features a filter change reminder light for easier filter maintenance. Learn more about the Amaircare 3000 VOC here.


Airpura G600DLX

For people who suffer from severe chemical sensitivities or asthma, the Airpura G600DLX is among the best air purifiers of 2020. With a 26-pound bed of German carbon for optimal gas filtration, the G600DLX removes VOCs, gases and odors very effectively. This unit can cover up to 2,000 square feet and also features a HEPA barrier filter to help remove particles from the air. Recommended for those suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Learn more about the Airpura G600DLX here.


Blueair Pro L

If particles are your main concern, few air purifiers can match the Blueair Pro L’s HEPA filtration capabilities. This unit performs 5 air changes per hour in spaces of up to 780 square feet, allowing it to quickly remove particulate matter from the air in your home. For even broader coverage, this unit can be equipped with a Blueair SmokeStop filter and a carbon filter to help target odors, smoke and VOCs. Featuring galvanized steel construction and whisper-quiet operating noise levels, the Blueair Pro L is an all-around great air purifier for home use. Learn more about the Blueair Pro L here.


Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0

With the ability to cover up to 550 square feet, the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 is a quiet, reliable and high-quality air purifier that is a great option for offices, bedrooms, living areas and small apartments. This unit features both HEPA and carbon filtration for broad coverage of contaminants. Thanks to its modernistic design, it can also be placed in just about any room without clashing with interior decor. The BioGS 2.0 offers quiet operation and is Energy Star certified. Learn more about the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 here.


Austin Air Bedroom Machine

Made specifically for use in bedrooms, the Bedroom Machine is a great option for providing clean air while you sleep. This combination HEPA and carbon filtered air purifier is all about helping you sleep better by providing cleaner air at low noise levels. With a 360-degree air intake, all metal construction and a unique 5-stage air filtration system, the Austin Air Bedroom Machine will make a great addition to your sleeping area. Covers up to 1,500 square feet. Learn more about the Austin Air Bedroom Machine here.


Blueair 211+

blueair 211 air purifier

For cleaning the air in small spaces, the Blueair 211+ is an efficient and affordable air purifier. This air purifier uses a foldable mesh filter to remove particles in the air and provide protection against light odors and VOCs. The 211+ can perform 5 air changes per hour in spaces of up to 540 square feet and operates at extremely low noise levels, making it a good choice for offices, bedrooms and study spaces. Learn more about the Blueair 211+ here.


IQAir GC Multigas

Featuring the same HyperHEPA technology as the IQAir HealthPro Plus, the GC Multigas model adds powerful gas and odor filtration for broad spectrum coverage. This unit can cover up to 1,125 square feet and operates at low noise levels thanks to sound dampening design. The IQAir GC Multigas also uses a specialized sealed design to prevent gases and odors from re-entering the outside air once they have been drawn into the machine. Learn more about the IQAir GC MultiGas here.


Field Controls TRIO

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Another model that richly deserves a spot on our best air purifiers 2020 list is the Field Controls TRIO. This portable medical grade air purifier covers up to 1,000 square feet and combines HEPA, carbon and UV filtration to target the widest possible range of contaminants. Whether your worries are dust and pollen or viruses and bacteria, the TRIO is a great air purifier that will help you breathe the cleanest possible air at home. Also features a self-adjusting blower and patented technology to break down ozone in home air. Learn more about the Field Controls TRIO here.


Amaircare Roomaid VOC

A smaller cousin of the 3000 series, the Amaircare Roomaid series allows you to easily take an air purifier with you wherever you go. Weighing in at just 5 pounds and standing only 7.5 inches high, the Amaircare Roomaid VOC is a small but powerful air purifier that’s perfect for traveling or taking to the office. Thanks to a convenient car power adapter, the Roomaid can even be used in your vehicle on your daily commute. Learn more about the Amaircare Roomaid VOC here.


Rabbit Air Minus A2

Another entry from Rabbit Air in our list of the best air purifiers of 2020 is the Minus A2 model, a combination HEPA and carbon filter unit that can conveniently mount to a wall in order to save floor space. In addition to excellent filtration capabilities, this air purifier features an aesthetic mood light and can operate at extremely low noise levels, making it great for living spaces. Learn more about the Rabbit Air Minus A2 here.


AllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 Vocarb UV


Like some of the other entries on this list, the AllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 Vocarb UV stands out for its ability to target a wide range of different contaminants. Although the focus of this model is gases, odors and VOCs, it also boasts a HEPA filter for removing particles and a UV germicidal lamp to protect against mold spores, bacteria and viruses. This unit can cover up to 1,500 square feet and is recommended for spaces where coverage is a main concern and noise level is not. As such, it’s a great choice for shops, garages, basements and other large spaces where absolute silence isn’t required. Learn more about the AllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 Vocarb UV here.


Austin Air HealthMate Plus

Austin Air’s answer to the problem of severe chemical sensitivities, the HealthMate Plus is designed to focus on gases, odors and VOCs. At the same time, this unit also offers HEPA filtration to keep particles out of your home air. Like the Bedroom Machine, the HealthMate Plus covers up to 1,500 square feet and features all-metal construction for durability and to prevent offgassing from plastic parts. Learn more about the Austin Air HealthMate Plus here.


Airfree Lotus


Like the Airfree Onix, the Lotus model covers 650 square feet and uses a convenient filterless air purification technology to target solid matter in the air. What sets the Lotus apart, though, is its unique aesthetic appeal. Inside the opening “petals” of this air purifier, you’ll find a beautiful color-changing mood light that makes the Lotus an attractive part of your home decor. If you’re looking for an effective air purifier that is also a stylish choice for any room, the Airfree Lotus may be the right choice for you. Learn more about the Airfree Lotus here.


Airpura T600

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One of the most common uses for air purifiers is to remove tobacco smoke and its associated odors from home air. If you’re looking for an air purifier designed specifically to target smoke, the Airpura T600 is a good choice for you. With the ability to target over 4,000 harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke, the T600 stands out as a great option for keeping your home air healthy and odor-free. Covers up to 2,000 square feet and features a specialized tar barrier to eliminate airborne tobacco tars. Learn more about the Airpura T600 here.


Blueair Pro M

A smaller version of the Blueair Pro L, the Pro M model can filter air up to 5 times each hour in spaces of up to 390 square feet. This makes it a perfect choice for bedrooms, offices, dorm rooms, garages and other small spaces where localized air purification may be needed. Don’t be fooled by this unit’s size, though, as the Pro M offers all of the same great features found in the larger Pro Series air purifiers. As with the Pro L, a SmokeStop filter and additional carbon filter can be added to this air purifier to enhance its filtration capabilities. Learn more about the Blueair Pro M here.


IQAir HealthPro Compact

The smaller counterpart to IQAir’s HealthPro series, the HealthPro Compact offers the company’s patented HyperHEPA technology and sound dampening design in a package made specifically for smaller spaces. With 6 fan speeds, quiet operating volumes and a range of convenience features that includes a remote control and filter change reminders, the IQAir HealthPro Compact is a great choice when space is at a premium. Learn more about the IQAir HealthPro Compact here.


Which of the Best Air Purifiers of 2020 Is Right For You?


As you can see, all of these great air purifiers have different uses and applications. To select the right one, it’s important to carefully consider your own needs. Whether you want a unit that covers several different types of contaminants or one that focuses specifically on certain types, there’s an air purifier on this list that will meet your needs and help keep your home clean and healthy. Also be sure to consider the size of the space you’ll be using the air purifier in, as different units are rated for different areas.


Still have questions about the best air purifiers of 2020 or which one is the best fit for you? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Feel free to contact us with your questions, and we’ll be happy to provide you with answers and personalized product recommendations to help you start the new decade out on the right foot by breathing clean, healthy air at home.