Green Tea for Allergies: What Does the Science Say?

For as long as people have suffered from allergies, they have been looking for ways to alleviate the symptoms of them. In recent years, green tea for allergies has caught on because of a study published in 2002. That study suggested that one of green tea’s main antioxidants, EGCG, could help fight allergy symptoms. But does drinking a cup of tea really have the potential to help relieve your allergies?


  What the Study Found


The 2002 study built on previous work that had shown EGCG’s ability to relieve some allergy symptoms in mice. In those previous studies, the compound had been administered and results were observed, but no mechanism was found. The more specific 2002 study, performed at Japan’s Kyushu University, discovered why allergic reactions in mice appeared to improve after EGCG was administered. What it found is that the compound inhibited the production of chemicals in the body that are responsible for starting and continuing allergic reactions. With these chemicals blocked, reactions were eliminated or reduced.


  So, is Green Tea for Allergies a Real Solution?


Needless to say, the discovery that green tea has a real effect on allergies is exciting. The problem, however, is that there’s no good research on the effect of EGCG in human allergies. Though it’s very likely that it has a similar effect, no one knows how much tea you’d have to drink to achieve real results.


Overall, the answer to whether or not tea can help with allergies is “maybe.” Since it has no calories and offers a wide range of proven health benefits, there’s nothing at all wrong with drinking a cup or two of piping hot green tea the next time you’re suffering from seasonal allergies. To be safe, though, you should also be using an air purifier, which can keep allergies at bay all year long. A high-quality HEPA air purifier provides proven, reliable protection from allergens of all sorts in your home air.


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