Healthy New Year: Five Ways an Air Purifier Can Improve Your Health in 2018

With the year winding down, many people are preparing their New Year’s resolutions. As usual, many of them will relate to health and fitness. If you’ve made health-based resolutions in the past, you might have found they’re difficult to keep up with. The good news is that there’s an easy way to help improve your health in the new year that doesn’t require gym memberships or committed diets. Here are five of the ways that getting yourself a home air purifier can support your health in 2018 and help you have a healthy new year.


  Cut Down on Allergies


Though spring may seem a long way off now, it’s only a few months until trees and plants begin producing pollen that will saddle many people with seasonal allergies. If you suffer from allergies in the spring and fall, an air purifier is a great way to help relieve them. By removing pollen from your home air, a high-quality air purification unit can reduce your symptoms and make your allergic reactions less frequent.


  Reduce Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease


It may surprise you to learn that air pollution has repeatedly been linked to increased risk of conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. If you want to have a healthy new year, why not start by reducing your risks of developing these conditions? An air purifier with carbon filtration can reduce air pollution in your home, helping to keep your exposure to harmful pollutants to a minimum.


  Reduce Secondhand Smoke Effects


If you live with a smoker, the quality of air in your home could be a major setback in your efforts to live a healthy new year. Getting an air purifier will help to keep your home free of smoke and ash, making it healthier for you. As an added bonus, the right purifier will also help to remove the odor of cigarette smoke, which can make your home more pleasant to live in.


  Support Your Exercise Goals


If you’re setting health goals for 2018, there’s a good chance that your plan includes exercising more. Getting the most out of your exercise means being able to breathe easily and deliver oxygen to your muscles. Since air pollution is well-known to reduce lung function, it could make it more difficult for you to get the most out of your workouts. Using an air purifier in your home can help to protect your lung function and support your overall fitness goals. If possible, you should try to maximize this benefit by doing as many of your workouts at home as possible, especially if you live in an area with generally poor air quality.


  Help Protect Your Home From Mold


Mold is one of the biggest health hazards in many homes. It can grow unnoticed for years, all the while putting out spores that can be harmful to your health. In some cases, mold can even be toxic. An air purifier will capture mold spores and keep you from breathing them in, protecting you from the worst of mold-related symptoms and keeping mold from spreading easily.


  Top Air Purifiers for a Healthy New Year


Of course, to get all of these benefits, you need an air purifier that removes many different kinds of contaminants. Below you’ll find a few of our favorite all-around purifiers that will help you get rid of a wide range of airborne impurities:


Want help picking out the perfect air purifier to help you have a happy and healthy new year? We’re here to help! Feel free to contact us, and we’ll help you find the perfect air purifier for your needs.