California Wildfires Rage On, Destroying Air Quality and Endangering Health

Oregon wildfire

As wildfires continue to spread throughout parts of the Western United States, more and more homes, families and towns are being affected. Contrary to popular belief, however, it isn’t just the areas that are in the path of the fires themselves that are being impacted. Regions that surround the main California wildfire tracks, including San Fransisco, are suffering from smoke, ash and severely diminished air quality.


These effects can exacerbate a wide range of medical issues, including heart conditions and asthma. As covered in a recent article by The Verge, ash and smoke from wildfires are well known to worsen pulmonary and respiratory conditions in those who already have them, increasing the likelihood of severe symptoms and even death. Though there’s nothing you can do to control the fires themselves, you can create a safe area for yourself and your family within your home by using a residential air purifier. By doing so, you can limit the effects of the smoke and give yourself healthy air to breathe until the California wildfires are under control,


What Kind of Air Purifier Do You Need?


When trying to combat the negative effects of forest fires, what you really need is an air purifier designed for heavy smoke. Not only will you have gases and odors to deal with, but the organic matter burning will enter the air as fine particles. So, the best options for the California wildfires are units that offer both HEPA and carbon filtration. Some of our top units for heavy smoke can be found below:


  Airpura T600DLX

The Airpura T600DLX is an air purifier that we usually recommend for heavy tobacco smoke, but which will also help deal with smoke from the California wildfires. With a 26-pound carbon bed and a HEPA post filter, the T600DLX can effectively remove all of the components of heavy smoke.


  Field Controls TRIO

One of our top air purifiers, the Field Controls TRIO offers comprehensive carbon and HEPA filtration with hospital-grade quality. The TRIO is one of the best all-around air purifiers on the market, and is certainly a great choice for people trying to protect themselves from wildfire smoke.


IQAir GC Multigas

With particulate filtration that outperforms even the rigorous HEPA requirements and excellent carbon filtration, the IQAir GC Multigas is one of the best possible air purifiers for people affected by the California wildfires.


If you live in an area that has been affected by these destructive wildfires and want more information about how an air purifier can keep you and your family safe, please feel free to contact us.