Air Purifiers for Old Houses: What Your Older Home Needs

Owning an older home is always a mixed bag of good and bad. On the one hand, you have the immense charm and character that only older houses provide. On the other, you have the many different problems that old houses bring, such as higher upkeep costs. One thing that is definitely in the “bad” column is the air quality in older houses. Here’s what you need to know about the best air purifiers for old houses.


  Why Are Older Homes a Problem?


Though there’s nothing inherently wrong with most older houses, their age can cause several air-related complications. An older house, for instance, is more likely to have hidden mold that has grown in hard-to-reach places over the decades. Aging materials can also be a problem. If your house’s walls are plaster, there may be areas that are damaged and crumbling, releasing small bits of plaster dust into the air in the process.


There are also cases where the construction materials themselves are dangerous. For example, some older houses still have asbestos insulation in them. If this is the case, though, you need professional removal. Air purifiers for old houses can help you deal with regular problems, but the presence of a dangerous substance in your home’s structure will likely require more specialized solutions.


  Some of the Best Air Purifiers for Old Houses


The air problems in older homes usually include a mix of particulates, organic contaminants and, in some cases, odors and VOCs. This means that the best air purifiers for old homes are usually those that remove the largest number of different contaminants. Some of our top broad-spectrum residential units include:


Field Controls TRIO: Featuring carbon, HEPA and UV filtration, the Field Controls TRIO is a medical-grade air purifier brought down to a small, portable format.

IQAir Multigas: Through the use of a gas filtering cartridge and IQAir’s HyperHEPA technology, this air purifier offers some of the most comprehensive protection on the market.

EnviroKlenz: When it comes to gases and odors, it’s hard to beat the EnviroKlenz. This air purifier is extremely effective at removing VOCs, and also offers HEPA filtration to help combat particulates.


Though these are some of the best air purifiers for old houses, your home may have special requirements. If you aren’t sure what unit you need, please feel free to ask contact us with your questions. We’ll be happy to answer whatever questions we can and help your find the perfect air purifier for your older home.