Air Purifiers for Natural Disasters: The Units We Recommend When Disaster Strikes

Between the massive wildfires burning in the west and the volcanic eruptions on Hawaii during the past several months, the United States has had more than its usual share of natural disasters this year. Although these crises do more than their share of physical damage, they also have a negative effect on air quality. This is why air purifiers for natural disasters are an essential tool for keeping yourself and your family safe when a crisis arises. Here’s what you need to know about using an air purifier to deal with air quality issues during a natural disaster.


  What Are the Air Quality Risks Posed by Natural Disasters?


Different types of disasters affect air quality in different ways. For this article, we’ll be focusing on wildfires and volcanic eruptions, since these are the most relevant threats at the moment. Wildfires release smoke and ash into the atmosphere, while volcanoes give off ash and noxious chemicals. Because the contaminants emitted by different disasters vary, there are a wide range of air purifiers for natural disasters.


  Air Purifiers That Ship Fastest


One of the marks of the best air purifiers for natural disasters is that they can be shipped quickly to the location in which a disaster is occurring. Here are some of our best air purifiers that can reach you quickly if your area is being affected by a natural disaster:


  •   Airpura C600DLX: Excellent for volcanic vog and smoke from forest fires
  •   Airpura V600: Best unit for areas affected by wildfire smoke and ash
  •   Austin Air HealthMate Plus: Great all-around air purifier with very low maintenance requirements
  •   IQAir Healthpro Plus: One of our best air purifiers for particles, gases and odors. Ships direct from California, making for fast delivery
  •   IQAir GC Multigas: 4-stage filtration air purifier that’s excellent for heavy smoke and gases
  •   Field Controls TRIO: With conservative pricing, low maintenance and medical-grade 4-stage filtration, the Field Controls TRIO is an excellent air purifier for just about any task.


  Other Top-Selling Air Purifiers for Natural Disasters


Though they may not ship as quickly as the units listed above, there are many other great air purifiers that can supply you with clean air during natural disasters. Some of these other excellent purifiers include:


Getting through a natural disaster in your area can be difficult, but a good air purifier can help to keep contaminated air from affecting you and your family. If you have any questions about using air purifiers for natural disasters or about which specific unit is best for your needs, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you may have.