Air Purifiers for Coronavirus: IQAir

As part of our ongoing series on air purifiers for coronavirus protection, we’ll be taking a look this week at IQAir’s lineup of HEPA units. Thanks to unique technology, this brand’s filters are capable of capturing smaller particles than most other major air purifier manufacturers, making them a good option for reducing your risks as the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to spread. Here’s what you need to know about using IQAir air purifiers to protect yourself from the rapidly spreading COVID-19 coronavirus.


Why IQAir?


As we’ve discussed in previous articles in this series, HEPA air filters are recommended for reducing coronavirus risks. This is because of their ability to trap extremely tiny particles, including many viruses, within the filter medium via a process known as diffusion. For this reason, many health officials and healthcare providers have chosen to use high-quality HEPA air purifiers as part of their response to this crisis.


With all that said, you may be wondering what makes IQAir different from other HEPA-filtered air purifiers. The answer lies in the company’s proprietary HyperHEPA technology. While the basic standard for a HEPA rating is for a filter to capture 99.97 percent of particles greater than 0.3 microns in diameter, IQAir’s filters far surpass this standard. Using the company’s HyperHEPA system, IQAir’s units are able to filter out 99.5 percent of particles down to 0.003 microns. This makes IQAir one of the best brands for capturing extremely small airborne particles.


Which IQAir Air Purifiers Are Best for Coronavirus Protection?


For reducing your risk of catching or transmitting the COVID-19 coronavirus, we recommend using the IQAir HealthPro or HealthPro Plus models. Both of these HyperHEPA-equipped purifiers are good options for removing airborne particles. For more broad-spectrum protection from both particles and gaseous pollutants, consider using the IQAir GC Multigas.


Other Air Purifiers for Coronavirus


In order to keep our customer informed and ensure they have the widest possible range of choices, we’re continuing to publish articles on air purifiers we believe can help to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread. Below, you’ll find links to past blog features in this series where you can learn more about your options and find the models that are best for your home or office:


IQAir Availability: Due to unforeseen circumstances with our supplier IQAir we no longer carry their products and filters. We apologize for this inconvenience but do offer competitive IQAir air purifier products which provide the same or better air purifier specifications.  If you have any questions about IQAir from previous purchases from our website or need assistance please contact us directly for help.

In addition to these product features, you can also check out our recent post about giving your immune system the resources it needs to help fight off coronavirus and prevent severe cases. We also encourage all of our readers to visit the CDC’s official COVID-19 prevention page to learn about the steps they can take to prevent or slow the spread of this increasingly widespread epidemic.


Still have questions about how air purifiers from IQAir and other brands can help you stay safer during the COVID-19 epidemic? We’re here to help. Feel free to contact us with your questions, and we’ll be happy to provide you with answers and personalized product recommendations that will fit your specific needs.