Blueair 211 Review: Blueair’s Most Affordable Air Purifier Yet

blueair 211 air purifier

One of the problems that buyers run into when looking for a high-quality air purifier is affordability. Though air purification systems occupy a wide range of different prices, it can be difficult to find one on a modest budget. This is why we at US Air Purifiers are so excited to add the new Blueair 211 to our lineup of budget-friendly air purifiers. Here’s our review of the Blueair 211, which so far has been one of the most popular new air purifiers of 2017.

Blueair 211: Basic Features


The Blueair 211 is a compact and lightweight HEPA air purifier capable of removing particulate impurities from the air in spaces of up to 540 square feet. The Blueair 211 air purifier cycles air at a rate of five full cycles per hour, giving it nearly unparalleled cleaning abilities. Add to this the unit’s 360 degree air intake, and the 211 becomes one of the most effective small-space air purifiers on the market.


Another favored feature of the Blueair 211 is its extremely quiet operation. Despite the fact that it cycles air faster than other purifiers, this unit’s fan operates at a very low noise level, making it a good solution for high-traffic living spaces and bedrooms.

  Finally, the Blueair 211 offers multiple exterior prefilter colors. Making an air purifier fit in with your home decor can sometimes be a challenge, which is why Blueair has made it easy to match your air purifier with the colors used in whatever room you choose to use it in. The prefilters are available in black, blue, pink, yellow and neutral gray that will fit well into almost any space.




On their own, these features would make the Blueair 211 a good small-space air purifier option. However, the aspect that sets this air purifier apart from other models is its extremely economical pricing. With a price tag of just $249, the Blueair 211 beats out almost every other air purifier in the current market while at the same time offering the quality that the Blueair brand has come to be known for.


To view the full specifications for the Blueair 211, click here. Have questions about this or any other unit? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll help to guide you through the process of picking out the perfect air purifier for your needs and budget.