Amaircare 3000 Annual VOC Filter Kit - 16 in

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Model: 3000-Ann-VOC
SKU: amr-rf-us1048
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Yay!  We now have inventory.  As of 2/6/2023 we have 10 pleated kits on hand.  Please keep in mind this is with their new pleated carbon canister, instead of the 7 lb canister.

Includes 3 Carbon Pre-filters and 1 VOC Filter for Heavy Odors. Good for one year. Replace pre-filters every 4 months and VOC filter yearly. Also known as 3000 Plus annual filter kit.

Molded filter configuration is before Nov 2015 (Top of HEPA filter is opened like a donut)

Typically Easy Twist configuration is after Nov 2015  (Top of HEPA filter is closed)

The molded configuration contains 11 lbs of carbon where the new design called Easy Twist contains 7 lbs.

$179.00 to $331.00