Blueair Air Purifiers

Of all the air purification systems sold by US Air Purifiers LLC, the ones manufactured by Blueair are perhaps the sleekest, having won the coveted Excellent Swedish Design award in the company's home country, transforming air filtration into an art. But what truly sets these designs apart aren't just their looks, but the efficiency and quality of their units, which effectively remove even the smallest irritating particulates from the air to make a space more healthy and breathable. 

Now offered in 4 quality series:  Classic Series, Pro Series, Sense Series and the Blue Series.

Blueair calculates the coverage in sq footage based on a remarkable 5 ACH (air changes per an hour), unlike many of their competitors that are quoting sq ft based on only 1 ACH. (continue reading)

Blueair uses patented three-stage filter technology that has triple the filtration capabilities of traditional products. In the first stage, air is drawn into the mechanism via an industry-best silent fan that won't interrupt your peace and quiet or make air filtration an annoyance. Then, airborne particles that cause respiratory irritation pass through an ion chamber that condenses them together by giving them an electric charge. This then allows them to effortlessly stick to a polypropylene filter while the air continues onward.

Classic Series is Blueair's traditional air purifier line and viewed as their basic line.

Pro Series is Blueair's elite air purifier line. Pro Series offers the convenience of all units using the same filters varying only by quantity needed for the size of the unit.  For example, Pro M requires just 1 filter where Pro L requires 2 and Pro XL requires 3.  Still offering the high quality particle filter and DualProtection filters but now an additional carbon filter for extra VOCs, gases, and odor absorption.  

The air and remaining particles then travel through a gradient structure filter that essentially acts as many different filters condensed into one by trapping ever smaller particles - from dust and pollen to cigarette smoke and exhaust - as it travels through. The entire structure comprises Blueair's patented HEPAsilent TM Technology, which has not only been lauded in Sweden but given an industry-best ranking by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, attaining the group's the highest Clean Air Delivery Rate possible. Each model is also EnergyStar certified, which means that using one of these in your home or office won't cause your energy bill to skyrocket.

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Our product line is very extensive; however, in order to not overwhelm our customers, we display the most popular products. If you don't see something you are looking for, please contact us, and we'd be happy to assist you. 

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