EnviroKlenz Filters and Products

The creation of EnviroKlenz was inspired by EnviroKlenz's customers with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).  They have been honored to be able to work closely with them and learn from their feedback. It was through this partnership that EnviroKlenz created a safe and effective product line. 

For individuals with MCS many chemicals and substances with scents are the most common triggers for their symptoms and can include perfumes, cleaning agents, pesticides, and cigarette smoke to name a few.

EnviroKlenz products are designed to focus on these types of pollutants and fragrances while simultaneously not introducing any new chemical  triggers.

Don't forget EnviroKlenz also offers a high quality HVAC Air Filter Cartridge. (continue reading)

The EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge for HVAC systems eliminates pollutants, odors and corrosive gases associate with indoor air quality problems without releasing chemicals, fragrances, or masking agents back into the environment.

The filter, known as a cartridge, installs directly into your HVAC system and treats the air as your system is running. 

Replacing existing pleated filters makes installation easy.